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Extending the Enterprise to the Cloud

Today's agile enterprise needs an Internet that helps increase workforce productivity

65% of enterprises report that their barriers to cloud adoption are complexity, reliability and security. At the same time, 98% of employees use mobile devices daily and expect a business experience that mirrors their consumer one. Akamai extends the enterprise network into the cloud and manages traffic across the public Internet, so everyone connected to your enterprise – employees, partners and customers – have secure, on-demand access to critical applications, regardless of device or location. One out of every three Global 500 Companies trusts Akamai to help deliver a more agile, efficient and productive business.

A Modern Guide to Accelerating Web-based Application Delivery

Accelerate Web App Delivery

Delivering applications to today’s globally distributed workforce is more challenging than ever. With more employees working remotely, it’s harder to control the network to ensure application performance. Akamai’s cloud-based architecture enables reliable performance of business applications on the public Internet.

Akamai Enterprise Agility Big Book of SaaS

The Big Book on SaaS Application Delivery

The Internet was never designed for modern day, global SaaS delivery. In this e-book learn about the current state of SaaS application delivery over the Internet, the key challenges facing SaaS providers, and examples and definitions of SaaS technology that help deliver faster SaaS applications.

A Guide to Multi-Layered Web Security

Securing the Online Enterprise

The frequency and sophistication of web attacks is constantly growing and evolving. The best place to protect businesses from disruption and data theft is in the cloud, close to the attackers and far away from the data center. Learn how to use the cloud as part of an in-depth defense strategy.

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