Why Akamai

Why Akamai

We make the Internet business ready — fast, reliable and secure

Everyone and everything is connected, and the expectations that go along with that reality present enormous challenges to the Internet. Akamai solves those challenges, optimizing and securing the performance and delivery of online content and applications. By evolving our platform and CDN services continually and through decades of Internet expertise, Akamai enables the best online experiences — those that change the way we live, work and entertain ourselves.

  • Akamai DDoS and Application Protection

    Protect yourself from common and sophisticated attacks

    Get ahead of the changing thread landscape and be better prepared for emerging attack vendors.

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  • Simplify Website Image Management and Delivery

    Transform and deliver the right online image to the right user

    The increase of online images presents tremendous challenges for businesses and content owners. Akamai can help solve these problems with automated, streamlined, intelligent tools while keeping your site fast, scalable and secure.

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  • Making the Cloud Business Ready

    Operate in the cloud with less risk and better user experiences

    Akamai secures and optimizes thousands of workloads hosted in the cloud for organizations ranging from the largest enterprises, government entities, to early-stage startups.

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  • Video Delivery and Workflow

    Deliver high quality media at scale, simply and affordably

    All of the top 30 media and entertainment companies and major US sports leagues trust Akamai to meet consumers’ voracious appetite for video. We deliver the highest quality media affordably and at scale and simplify the multichannel, multi-device workflow.

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  • Next Generation CDN

    Smarter, faster, more reliable and secure

    Akamai pioneered content delivery and continues to lead innovation in the field with a next generation CDN that discovers and mitigates fast-evolving cyber threats, scales for the highest video quality and optimizes on the fly for connected devices.

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  • Mobile Performance Optimizations

    Great experiences on any device, anywhere, anytime

    The majority of your visitors are currently or soon will be accessing your site on mobile devices.  Optimizing performance for multiple screen sizes and multiple bandwidths requires a sophisticated approach and powerful tools.  Responsive Web Design can help deliver a good looking mobile experience but can drag down performance if you don’t take the right approach.

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  • DNS Services and Security

    For a mission-critical Internet, safety, reliability, and speed rely on a great DNS

    The Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) is currently undergoing a renaissance that has Internet service providers, website operators and enterprise IT organizations re-thinking DNS. Whether your goal is to enable safer Internet experiences for end-users, add resiliency to your website, or enhance streaming video delivery, DNS is an important strategic component that deserves serious consideration.

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