Mobile Performance Optimizations

The mobile era isn't just on the horizon...its here

Akamai is leading the market by handling over 120 billion API calls a day and serving over 8,000 mobile sites on the Akamai Intelligent Platform ™. We deliver more mobile traffic than all of our competitors, on all types of mobile devices... combined. Our mobile performance optimizations focus on three key categories:

  • Mobile Apps - Optimizing native application delivery via API operations, API acceleration, API response and media support
  • Mobile Web - Optimizing mobile websites performance achieve by simplifying development, accelerating content and reducing infrastructure investment
  • Cellular Networks - Overcoming challenges of cellular network-based latency through content acceleration

Akamai Mobile RWD Optimization

Best Practices for Mobile Performance

We’ve tapped into our experience serving 30% of the world’s web traffic to present some key factors to consider as you develop you mobile web strategy.

Akamai Mobile RWD Optimization

Responsive Does Not Have to Mean Slow

Responsive sites look better on small screen, but 72% of them deliver the same amount of data regardless of the device. Learn how to optimize the performance of RWD sites.

Akamai Next Generation CDN Services

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile?

How fast does your site load? Does your site optimize images to the screen and connectivity of the browser? Find out with this customized Performance Insights report.

Additional Resources

  • Performance in the Mobile Era

    Network latency and page size aren't the only factors impacting performance in the mobile era - the proliferation of devices, of browsers, and of mobile access are becoming equally important.

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  • Front End Optimization

    Front End Optimization (FEO) addresses performance by optimizing web pages based on how different browsers render the pages. Learn about how FEO works and how Akamai makes it easy to implement FEO with cloud services that optimize on the fly.

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  • Responsive Web Design Explained 

    Akamai experts provide a quick overview of how responsive web design works, the performance problems it can create, and tips on how to avoid the worst problems.

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