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Tech Talk Tuesdays:
Improve Off-Network Security Without a VPN

Recorded on 14 November, 2017

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Connecting off network has become the norm for many users, but for IT departments, the use of public and private Wi-Fi that can’t be monitored or controlled is a concern. Although most businesses have layers of security in place, effectively protecting off-network users — and ultimately your entire network — against credential theft and malware, as well as being able to enforce acceptable use policies, remains a challenge. In this talk, we’ll cover:

  • Security incidents that can occur while users are off network
  • Why enforcing a zero trust security model is imperative
  • Methods of protecting users and devices while they are off network

About the Presenter

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is Akamai’s Global Director of Security Strategy. In his 12 years at Akamai, Patrick has held a number of leadership positions including leading the Enterprise Security Architect team. Patrick and his team work with customers when they come under attack and designs security architectures to protect them from threats. In the course of helping to fend off so many attacks, he has gained unique visibility into attacks targeting many of the top Enterprises. With his unique ability to see Security issues as a critical component of a client’s business strategy, Patrick often speaks at security events and with clients around the world. Patrick holds a variety of security certifications including CISSP, GSLC, GCIH, and GWAPT. Patrick holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and holds a graduate degree from George Mason University and a Graduate Certificate from Stanford University. Prior to Akamai, Patrick held various leadership positions at AT&T, Savvis, and Cable and Wireless.

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