Akamai Luna Control Center Intro

Luna Control Center

Keep control of your Internet business

Luna Control Center is the web-based portal that provides customers and partners full access and capabilities to control Akamai next generation CDN solutions and services. It has been designed and developed based on user feedback, to focus on what drives successful business. Easy navigation leads to handy resources for controlling the parameters and health of online assets.

  • Luna Property Manager

    Guided self-service configuration tool that empowers customers and partners to fully manage and control their web content and applications published within the Akamai network.

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  • Home Page Dashboard

    The easy-to-use first point of access into Luna Control Center where each individual user can arrange and customize widgets to layout a dashboard with the most relevant information in a consumable and comprehensive way.

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  • Interactive Monitoring and Reporting

    A set of visual tools designed to provide detailed reporting information for every Akamai product.

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  • Adaptive Alerting

    This feature wraps a collection of sophisticated algorithms to create a model of expected network traffic based on historical data. Alerts fire when actual network traffic differs from the predicted model.

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  • Luna Resolve

    A set of network troubleshooting tools that may be used by customers and partners to identify, isolate and quickly resolve issues that may occur during the process of web content and application publishing.

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  • Authentication and Authorization

    Luna Control Center has flexible mechanisms to secure, control and protect access to different web content and applications included in Luna Control Center.

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  • Event Center

    This application brings together all the required elements to plan, monitor, control and report on any online content delivery event.

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