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Akamai Technologies Spain, a subsidiary of Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and applications online, today announced that BuyVIP, the first Spanish online purchasing community, has implemented the Akamai services for accelerating and improving the performance of its retail Website.

BuyVIP organizes exclusive acquisitions for its members including clothes, complements, sport, domestic goods, cosmetics or electronics sales from the most prestigious brands. In October 2007, the Company was seeing a rapid growth of site traffic for its eCommerce site and community - not only in Spain, but also in Germany and Italy which led to a high bandwidth consumption usage. In many cases, the maximum bandwidth rate was consumed. BuyVIP forecasted the growth would continue to grow at the same rate, so they needed a solution that would support its frequent traffic peaks and solve the bandwidth problem to continue to provide a consistent experience for its end-users.

Daniel Brandi, CTO, BuyVIP, said, "The scalability and bandwidth issues have been a challenge to our business as the Internet is our sole online selling channel. Due to the nature of our business, we needed a solution that could absorb the traffic peaks. Given that our sales could last an average of a couple of hours, each outage would cost us revenues and customers." He continued, "It is essential that our website performs seamlessly and provides our customers a high-quality purchasing experience, even at times of peak traffic. It was therefore critical to find a solution that would allow us to continue to meet our business objectives."

BuyVIP looked to Akamai to help achieve a consistent customer experience across all the countries the company operates. The performance impact of implementing the Akamai solution was particularly powerful in allowing buyers to do more, and experience better transactions, on the website.

"We have seen a two-fold improvement in page download times since using Akamai solutions," said Brandi. "Within one month of implementing the new Akamai solutions, we've experienced a dramatic 100 percent increase in traffic - without any additional sales or marketing efforts."

Akamai's EdgePlatform - the world's largest globally distributed computing platform, with more than 30,000 servers in nearly 1,000 networks in 70 countries -- provides unrivalled content and application delivery, with the benefits of on-demand scalability and consistent performance.

"Akamai's globally distributed platform meets our needs for consistently high performance online operations, enabling us to support our growth expectations. With Akamai's services we can accelerate our e-business transactions, including page display, search, add-to-cart, and check out processes as well as increase browser to buyer conversion rates and reduce infrastructure costs by offloading traffic from our Web infrastructure," explained Brandi.

Research conducted by Akamai has shown that the longest an average online shopper will wait before abandoning a retail site is four seconds and it is important for retailers to have a solution that accelerates their transactions and helps them avoid breaching this benchmark. Since the Akamai platform delivers scalability and high performance, BuyVIP can evade any need for additional investment in its server infrastructure or associated software licenses at the central hosting site as well as in more bandwidth costs.

"It is crucial for BuyVIP to be able to cope with the traffic spikes and deliver a fast, reliable Website for its consumers," said Henri d'Oriola, Southern Europe Operation Manager, Akamai Technologies. "With the increasing number of buyers interacting online nowadays, they have less patience to wait for a site to load when searching for a specific product. Leveraging Akamai's solutions, retailers are enabled to deliver an enhanced, reliable user experience to their end users and, as a result, the customers should keep coming back to their sites."

About BuyVIP

BuyVIP is a European group founded in 2005 by an international management team with strong experience in leading multinational companies.

Today, the Company has operations in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Italy. BuyVIP is backed by reknown investors like 3i, worldwide leader in risk capital and venture capital; ACP (Molins Capital inversión) or European Founders Fund.

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