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L’, the leading French website for sports news, has selected Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator solution to enhance the quality, performance and availability of its site services which include providing daily news articles, photos and videos. This adoption has made L’ the first French media website to leverage Akamai’s cutting-edge technology. Akamai, the leader in powering rich media, dynamic transactions and enterprise applications online, enables France’s number one sports news website to improve its site performance, increase the speed and reliability of its online applications for its audience whether they are accessing the site from within a single country or from locations around the world.

With the ever-increasing traffic (more than 345 million pages viewed in January 2008), expanding content (photos, videos, computer graphics) and the search for higher service quality, L’ has seen rapid return on investment from Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator solution, including site traffic offload of 97 percent and a performance improvement of 20%.

Xavier Spender, CEO of L’Equipe 24/24, explained, "L’’s success is due to the responsive and exhaustive way our editorial staff processes information. The newly implemented Dynamic Site Accelerator solution and the partnership with Akamai will enable us to provide our end users with enhanced service quality as we continue to improve access to our dynamic online content."

Julien Coulon, Industry Manager Digital Media SER, stated, "Previously, during the Rugby World Cup, Akamai improved L’'s website performance by optimizing network routes throughout France which were especially saturated. In 72 percent of these cases, Akamai chose an alternative route, resulting in increased availability and, as a result, increasing the number of pages viewed."

Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator provides dynamic, customized websites with increased performance and reliability. The solution enables significant performance improvements for complex websites that are rich with dynamic content, allowing them to provide a much more interactive and engaging environment, which eventually increases the size and audience of their sites and the duration of page views leading to increased advertising revenues. Sites leveraging Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator enjoy improved scalability, performance, and availability for the highest possible number of visitors without weighing down the website’s infrastructure.

About L’

L’ is published by L’Equipe 24/24, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the L’Equipe Group which is responsible for developing and operating multimedia materials. L’ was formed on June 9, 2000, and its version 4 was launched on March 28, 2007. L’ is the leading sports news website, with 2,402,000 unique visitors (NielsenNetRatings January 2008). The website has recently set a traffic record, reaching 345,053,458 pages viewed (Cybermétrie-Cyberestat, January 2008).

The Akamai Difference

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