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Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and applications online, today announced that Adobe has adopted Akamai's Stream OS® solution to power its media management and distribution workflow for Adobe® TV. Launching today, Adobe TV is an online video channel offering expert instruction and inspiration about Adobe products via informative and entertaining videos. Adobe TV is available online at

With multiple channels, original series programming, and content from leading training organizations, Adobe TV delivers a virtual library of entertaining and instructional videos to millions of designers and developers worldwide. Adobe is leveraging the Stream OS integrated media management suite to seamlessly manage and catalogue thousands of videos from across the Adobe organization and automatically publish assets using open standards for delivery to a the browser-based Adobe TV user interface built based on Akamai's Media Framework developer toolkit and into the Adobe Media Player.

"Akamai's open approach to media management integrated easily with Adobe's existing production, transcoding, review and approval and enterprise search processes allowing Adobe to launch this project," said Tim Napoleon, Chief Strategist, Media & Entertainment at Akamai. "Adobe is forward thinking in building their entire production toolset with Internet distribution in mind. The Stream OS solution made it very easy for Adobe to connect the creative pipeline to their online audience. By using the syndication features of Stream OS, the same video assets can now be used in search results, Adobe Media Player Show, AdobeTV listings or an embedded player."

"Video is a powerful way for us to educate, inspire, and entertain the creative community," said Bob Donlon, executive producer for Adobe TV. "Through Adobe TV, we are able to make connections with our users through training and education on how to get the most from Adobe products. With Akamai powering our media management and distribution workflow, we can manage and catalog videos that reach millions of designers and developers worldwide."

With Akamai's Stream OS solution, Adobe can publish video using a virtually seamless workflow when inspiration strikes and reduce the bottlenecks typically associated with manually publishing video. The solution roundtrips the metadata and media assets from the Adobe video tools into a customized video player application, built on Akamai's Media Framework for Adobe Flash® technology, an ActionScript based foundation for rapidly building media players that offer technical best practices. Because the media framework is completely open, Adobe was able to customize the traditional video player experience by adding community features such as ratings and comments.

Metadata for the videos is input into Stream OS by the creators and attached to each file as it is published into the RSS feed, making content easily discoverable by end-users. In addition, with this consistent metadata, Adobe was able to integrate with Endeca's search technology to parse, read, and search content, thereby making the content more discoverable and relevant to users.

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