Capital Group Relies on Akamai to Ensure the Highest Levels of Site Performance and Security

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Capital Group is one of the oldest and largest investment management companies in the world. Top of mind for Gerry Taylor, AVP Technology Engineering Manager, is to ensure the company's assets are secure and that their users have an exceptional digital experience. Akamai enables Capital Group to do this with best-in-class security services to protect against ever-evolving threats, plus industry-leading web performance solutions to maximize user experiences and enable the company to view real user experiences — so they can be proactive in solving for any UX issues that may arise.

About Capital Group

Since 1931, Capital Group, home of American Funds®, has been singularly focused on delivering superior results for long-term investors using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability. As of June 30, 2019, Capital Group manages more than $1.9 trillion in equity and fixed income assets for millions of individual and institutional investors around the world.

Akamai 简介

Akamai 为全球的大型企业提供安全的数字化体验。Akamai 的智能边缘平台涵盖了从企业到云端的一切,从而确保客户及其公司获得快速、智能且安全的体验。全球优秀品牌依靠 Akamai 敏捷的解决方案扩展其多云架构的功能,从而实现竞争优势。Akamai 使决策、应用程序和体验更贴近用户,帮助用户远离攻击和威胁。Akamai 一系列的边缘安全、Web 和移动性能、企业访问和视频交付解决方案均可由优质客户服务、分析和全天候监控提供支持。如需了解全球顶级品牌信赖 Akamai 的原因,请访问 或,或者扫描下方二维码,关注我们的微信公众号。您可访问 查找全球联系信息。