ZIGBANG Accelerates Business Growth, Manages Images in the Cloud and Increases Productivity With Akamai Solutions

“Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions allowed us to reduce the financial and human resources investment needed to manage a broad range of images. These resource savings went into more productive tasks, such as development and enhancement of new services. After all, the ability to execute what our development team has gained through Akamai solutions is one of the reasons the ZIGBANG business has grown so rapidly.”

Park, Young Gul , CTO , ZIGBANG

The Situation

“ZIGBANG”, established in 2010, is Korea’s leading real estate information service, and is the flagship offering of ZIGBANG Co. The service mainly targets singles in their 20s to 30s. The ZIGBANG app is Korea’s No.1 property app and it passed the 12-million download mark in January 2016, recording 3 million accumulated property listings and more than 7,000 realtor members across the country. ZIGBANG has grown rapidly, attracting investment from 10 venture capital firms at home and abroad, including the recent KRW38 billion from Goldman Sachs PIA. ZIGBANG won the Korea Mobile App Award in 2014.

The Challenge

As ZIGBANG is a real-estate information and listing service, images are a critical part of the business, which means that ZIGBANG has had to invest considerable time in managing images. Initially, the service provider established its own image conversion system, but it faced capacity design and uncertainty challenges due to the rapidly-increasing number of web users. Investing in additional infrastructure in case of heavy usage would be a financial burden for the company, but not investing in infrastructure, given the growing members, could lead to downtime. ZIGBANG needed a scalable service capable of managing tens of millions of images more efficiently while supporting business agility at the same time.

The Goals

  • Reduce costs and time spent on image management
  • Improve service scalability that is suitable for a rapidly-growing business
  • Manage original images to meet individual user requirements

Why Akamai

ZIGBANG has contributed enormously to the transition of real estate services from offline to mobile. The key to its success lies in its “User Survey Feedback” and “Compensation for Fool’s Errand” policies to manage false property listings in a mobile environment, where trust is essential. Recently, a “Reliable Realtor” policy was launched to enhance the credibility of the service.

To support its rapid business growth, ZIGBANG had to meet ever-changing user requirements quickly and with greater agility. That’s why the company’s development team made the “ability to execute” a priority in order to quickly offer what users want. In terms of image management, the most critical element of the ZIGBANG service - the scalability and flexibility of Akamai solutions was considered a huge advantage. This could free up time and financial resources spent on infrastructure deployment and maintenance, to focus on investment expansion in more profitable areas.

Real-time image conversion across devices

An online real estate service, by nature, requires image-oriented information. The number of images that need to be managed exceeds 10 million. Hence, if the image conversion fails, it can directly result in downtime, so ZIGBANG had to spend a significant amount of time and money on this feature. However, with Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions, ZIGBANG now can easily manage tens of millions of images. With ZIGBANG focusing on managing the original images, the Akamai solution converts images optimized for the cloud, and across different devices and platforms, enabling the app provider to respond to diverse computing environments more proactively.

Provides optimized, reliable services

ZIGBANG has been able to deliver content at the highest quality with Akamai’s Media Delivery Solution, while operating reliably even under high-traffic conditions. Also, Akamai’s Services and Support Solutions actively helped ZIGBANG establish its services quickly and reliably. ZIGBANG conducted the first round of testing during a short period of two months. The team’s maintenance support followed, contributing to more reliable business operations. The full range of Akamai’s services and support was provided to meet ZIGBANG’s unique business requirements. Images are valuable assets to real estate agents posting details of properties for sale or rent. To satisfy this requirement, Akamai provided the optimal solution to block unauthorized access to original images, applying watermarking technology.

Gain capability to focus on rapid business growth

ZIGBANG expects to continuously accelerate business growth based on customer trust. Akamai’s solutions will reduce the unnecessary waste of resources, contributing to business growth. ZIGBANG plans to deploy other Akamai solutions, in addition to the current Media Delivery Solutions and Web Performance Solutions.


ZIGBANG provides property listing and brokerage services through mobile and online channels, mainly targeting singles in their 20s and 30s. The ZIGBANG app broke the 12-million download mark in January 2016, recording about 7,000 realtor members. In October 2015, ZIGBANG has signed an MOU with the Korea Appraisal Board to establish a policy for the management of false listings, a move toward creating a more reliable and easy-to-use house-hunting platform. It received a KRW38 billion investment from a consortium led by Goldman Sachs in December 2015.

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