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Akamai Japan K.K., a subsidiary of Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and applications online, announced today that its Application Performance Solutions – enabling the Internet to be the platform for accelerating any critical enterprise application to anyone, anytime, anywhere – have been adopted for "TWX-21," the largest multi-companies eCommerce service in Japan, provided by Hitachi, Ltd.

Akamai's Application Performance Solutions are being leveraged by Hitachi to transfer global business-to-business (B2B) transactions via the Internet with high performance and reliability. Working together with the Hitachi "TWX-21" team, Akamai will help to support application delivery for Japanese companies conducting global business.

Akamai has been selected to improve the global performance and reliability of B2B transactions over the Internet, including in regions such as South America, and Northern and Southern Asia, which have been a problem up until today. Akamai will also globally accelerate the Hitachi "TWX-21" Internet B2B service to support procurement and production for high-tech manufacturers. In addition, Hitachi will serve as an official distributor of Akamai services in Japan.

Comment by Mr. Yoshiharu Kamada, Enterprise Package Solutions General Manager & TWX-21 Center Chief & Total SCM Solution Center Chief, Industrial Manufacturing & Services Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.: "TWX-21 has grown in tandem with customer companies through their B2B application transactions and collaborations that utilize the Internet. It will further evolve as mission critical "Business Media" – high in security and response performance – to enable the various types of global business transactions in the future. In this process, we expect a lot from Akamai as a solution partner that supports the Internet for businesses."

A large number of Japanese companies are engaged in business activities in China and other countries in the Asian region. These Japanese companies often face problems related to distribution and settlement that arise from the inability to effectively control order management and delivery management. Hitachi provides private electronic marketplace (eMP) systems for Japanese businesses through its TWX-21 multi-companies electronic commerce system, the largest class of eMP in Japan, and promotes collaboration with local partners. Also, by supplying an interface to existing eMP systems and utilizing partners' transaction search engines, Hitachi provides Japanese companies with services ranging from procurement to manufacturing and sales. Hitachi provides total support services for multi-companies commercial transaction management that includes supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Akamai operates a managed services platform consisting of 28,000 dedicated servers within hundreds of ISPs around the world, providing the reliability required for corporate networks and application acceleration of business applications. The Akamai platform offers the values enabled by dedicated lines and installed appliances as a comprehensive service to the Internet world. This enables companies to globally deliver business applications at a high speed by means of an aggregated infrastructure, without the need to install additional IT infrastructure overseas. It is used by leading companies around the world in many aspects of global business such as inter-company collaborations, quick market deployment, and global deployment of SaaS providers.

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