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Akamai Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, today announced that it has been supporting the official LIVE 8 website ( where millions of people have registered their support and downloaded information about the LIVE 8 concerts in recent weeks. At its peak on 2 July, the site received more than 300 million hits in 24 hours, reaching over 13,000 hits per second at peak. In total Akamai helped with the delivery of 5.3 terabytes of data - 905 Mbps at peak - offloading about 95% of the origin website's load onto the Akamai Platform in the process. The website and origin infrastructure was provided by Comic Relief, a UK charity, as part of its efforts to support LIVE 8 and the related campaign Make Poverty History - both seeking an end to needless poverty at the meeting of G8 leaders in Edinburgh, UK, in July 2005.

Martin Gill, Head of New Media at Comic Relief, said: "When we were asked by the Band Aid Trust to support LIVE 8 online, we knew we would have to move quickly to get the necessary infrastructure in place. Alongside putting the site together we realised we would need a content delivery platform that could cope with one of the biggest global events ever. As the recognised leader in globally distributed content, Akamai was our first choice for LIVE 8."

"With the support of Akamai's fantastic EdgeSuite service, we were able to get our sites and applications up and running across a global platform in less than a week," continued Gill. "When we were up and running I was much more comfortable we would be able to cope with the potential response generated by a broadcast reaching up to 85% of the global population, across more than 180 countries. In the event on 2 July, when 10 LIVE 8 concerts were held around the world, the website was used as a key call to action - getting people to sign the LIVE 8 LIST - Akamai helped ensure the secure collection of many million names."

Carlos Ramon, Vice President of Sales and General Manager International at Akamai, said, "We are excited to have been able to help the LIVE 8 campaign in this way. Our global platform of 16,000 servers delivering content and business processes to the global public offers organisations and business a reliable and cost effective way to do business and communicate quickly, effectively and securely with their customers and end users."

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About Comic Relief

Comic Relief was launched from the Safawa refugee camp in Sudan, on Christmas Day 1985, in response to growing needs in the UK and Africa. In the past 20 years the organisation has gone from strength to strength, raising over £400 million through fundraising events like Red Nose Day and Sport Relief, for people living in poverty or disadvantage in the UK and the poorest countries in the world. Comic Relief, registered charity no: 326568.