Think Global, Act Local - MrTed Selects Akamai to Provide Optimal Service to Corporate Users Around the World

Paris, FR |

MrTed Ltd, the global leading provider of Talent Management Solutions, today announced that it has selected Web application acceleration services from Akamai Technologies , Inc., the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online. Thanks to this move, access to MrTedTalentLinkTM will be both accelerated and optimised for MrTed customers' benefit.

As a global provider, MrTed has always focused on delivering optimal performance for their business applications all around the world. Today, MrTedTalentLinkTM, the end-to-end collaborative platform edited by MrTed, is successfully servicing thousands of corporate users across more than 100 countries.

The company's expert engineers, who always aim to deliver top accessibility and peak performance to all MrTedTalentLinkTM customers wherever they are located, have recently been challenged in some regions of the world. "As we were deploying MrTedTalentLinkTM in isolated areas in China or Africa, we anticipated that the delivery of a top user experience in those regions would require a special service, apart from traditional routes," said Pierre Thès, MrTed Engineering Director. "In this context, Akamai's unique technology has been a natural choice, as it was the only one matching MrTed's high expectations."

The Akamai Web Application Accelerator service is designed to leverage Akamai's globally deployed platform to deliver consistent, improved application performance for users worldwide. As MrTed's applications increase their worldwide coverage, performance and availability become ever more critical. By accelerating the delivery of Web application transactions through Akamai's secure, distributed network, MrTed can secure and accelerate business online.

Akamai's unique globally deployed network of servers will allow MrTed to reach global end-users with improved connection speeds. Subscribers can be connected faster, regardless of the local Internet access conditions, through Akamai's route optimization technology that enables Akamai to avoid Internet problem spots, sending application transactions over Internet paths that are fast and reliable. This technique is supported by a compression protocol that increases the effective download speed by enabling the same amount of data to be transmitted in fewer bits, and reducing the transfer times.

"The Akamai service is just the world's best," states Jérôme Ternynck, MrTed Ltd CEO. "From now on, all our customers will benefit from improved access to our content and applications at no extra price. This allows us to ensure the same level of service excellence in any country or location, which makes our customers' experience much better in areas traditionally recognized as enjoying bad access facilities."

"As enterprise applications increase in value, global organizations like MrTed are taking advantage of managed application acceleration services to quickly solve performance and availability problems for users worldwide - without needing to build out a global infrastructure," said Carlos Ramon, Vice President of Sales and General Manager, International, Akamai. "We're excited to team with MrTed, a leading Talent Management Solution in Europe, and look forward to helping them optimize their online business and better serve ever-increasing usage volumes as they rapidly expand their presence around the globe."

MrTed will activate Akamai's Web Application Accelerator service in four stages, over the next 8 weeks.

About MrTed Limited

MrTed is a leading global provider of Talent Management Solutions, designed to help large organizations optimize the complex processes of acquiring and deploying Talent on a worldwide scale. Our Solution suite, MrTedTalentLinkTM, is used by some of the world's largest organizations across more than 100 countries, driving significant cost savings and efficiency gains while allowing them to Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Talent.

Its unique collaborative environment integrates into any infrastructure and brings all recruitment stakeholders together in an easy and intuitive way.

All our solutions are web-based, easy-to-use, supported in over 25 languages and can be deployed in a matter of weeks with MrTed's proven Implementation Methodology and expert consultants.


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