WorldNow leverages Akamai to offload roughly 90% their infrastructure, enabling them to reduce their IT costs and remove the complexity of delivering high-performing web experiences to their customers

Worldnow Customer Testimonial
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"Our relationship with Akamai has shifted from a CDN to a trusted advisor, particularly during critical events, performing flawlessly in the face of threats and spikes."

Joe Sticca , Chief Product Officer , WorldNow

WorldNow is a software as a service (SaaS) company, providing CMS and video publishing solutions for local TV broadcasters, media entities, radio and newspapers. They are viewed as a publishing enabler – a computing platform for people to publish digitally as well as help take digital processes and digital publishing workflow right up into the newsrooms.

In recent years, WorldNow has gone from roughly 120 million page views a month across all of their affiliates and clients to about 420 million page views a month. They also see approximately 40 million video views a month, which has more than doubled in just a few years.

Their share of the market – about 45% – translates into WorldNow serving almost 80% of all US households. Over the years, as they’ve grown in scale, they’ve had a very small, incremental investment in their footprint (in terms of data centers, servers, etc.) and chose to partner with Akamai to offload a great deal of their infrastructure – roughly 90% of their load. Traditionally, they leveraged Akamai from a CDN perspective, but because of the way the relationship has grown, they’re now taking advantage of more products and services that run the gamut of Akamai’s full product portfolio.

WorldNow’ relationship with Akamai goes beyond a vendor relationship – it’s become a true strategic partnership. During some of the biggest events of recent years, including Hurricane Sandy and the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, WorldNow remained always available and delivered flawless performance, enabling their viewers to stay connected to what was going on. Whether it be spikes in traffic volume or security threats, Akamai is there as a trusted advisor and partner.