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Akamai Helps Online Businesses Address Multiple Web Performance Challenges with New Managed Delivery Service

Innovative Professional Services Offering Goes Beyond Akamai Solutions to Cover Optimization Strategies for URL Content Structure, Third-party Content, and More

Cambridge, MA | July 27, 2016


Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, today introduced a new professional services offering designed to help online businesses take full advantage of their Akamai Web Performance Solutions deployments. Akamai Managed Delivery Service is designed to provide organizations with “round the clock” identification and mitigation of performance bottlenecks that can be addressed with their Akamai solution as well as those that cannot.

Analysis of Akamai’s customer base shows that an average webpage pulls content from 24 different domains, of which nearly 75 percent are considered third party. Further, both infrastructure and network changes can impact site performance. Any such effects can be amplified due to website owners and development teams making changes in shorter and shorter release cycles. Inconsistent performance can also result from multiple teams making concurrent changes without coordination. Akamai Managed Delivery Service is intended to provide customers with capabilities that extend beyond simple analytics and alerting, allowing them to benefit from access to a focused team of experts that provides 24x7 monitoring, issue diagnostics, mitigation, reporting, and optimization assistance.

Akamai’s Managed Delivery Service is designed to provide the following:

Designated team of performance experts – Akamai Managed Delivery Service is provided by a highly specialized and globally distributed team of performance experts. This “follow the sun” team conducts issues detection, triage and mitigation of unexpected performance degradations.

Performance optimization beyond Akamai Web Performance Solutions – The Akamai Managed Delivery Service is unique in that the scope of recommended issue mitigations and optimizations is not limited only to the customer’s Akamai delivery configuration. Rather, performance optimization recommendations also include suggestions for issues which may be related to their data center infrastructure, web site architecture, URL content structure and third-party feeds.

Comprehensive reporting – Capturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from both synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) data is intended to provide broader understanding of web page/web site performance. Synthetic test data is used to provide insights into page performance as seen from various test agents across the world, while the RUM data gives a summary of real end user experience. Trend reporting based on this data is designed to provide greater site performance visibility and make it easier to correlate performance trends with business and IT events. Additional “health-check analysis” of specific Akamai configurations provides a summary of feature utilization of the customer’s Akamai Web Performance Solutions and offers optimization recommendations for better site performance.

“Without proper monitoring and maintenance, website performance can easily degrade, negatively impacting the user experience and creating operational cost and causing brand damage and revenue loss,” explained Ross Feinberg, senior director, Services and Support, Akamai. “Our new Managed Delivery Service is designed to help our customers look more holistically at how their entire web infrastructure is performing. By doing so, we can help optimize not only their Akamai deployment, but also make suggestions on improvements to other pieces of their website to improve overall performance.”

Akamai Managed Delivery Service is designed to be used in conjunction with Akamai Web Performance Solutions. These solutions are intended to help customers meet the specific challenges of always-connected audiences. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, Akamai Web Performance Solutions are designed to simplify increasingly complex web and mobile site delivery, enabling a faster experience that is highly available, secure and scalable to meet peak demands.

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