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  • Holiday Season Preparation

    Enable fast, scalable, reliable and secure shopping experiences for your customers on any device, anywhere

    With the holiday selling season fast approaching retailers need to ensure that they can deliver a great customer experience on any device, anywhere while managing traffic that can be 3x or 4x higher than average. Adding to the challenge is the fact that more than 50% of store sales will be influenced by web and mobile channels - and mobile itself will account for up to 50% of traffic. Retailers need to get the digital experience right or risk losing customers. Visit our holiday page for a variety of resources and information compiled by our Akamai experts to help businesses prepare for peak traffic.

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  • Enterprise Agility

    Move critical business applications to the cloud to meet the demands of today’s global workforce

    Today’s enterprises are facing a multitude of IT challenges to meet business imperatives. They are tasked with increasing productivity while reducing costs; providing better access to the enterprise without placing undue burden on central data centers; and delivering more secure, mobile and consumer-like experiences for employees. Akamai accelerates and secures web applications while reducing the complexity of connecting businesses to the hybrid cloud. Leading government agencies, financial institutions and worldwide enterprises trust Akamai’s cloud-based solutions to gain agility and cost-effectively conduct business globally.

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  • Online Entertainment

    Deliver the ultimate high quality video streaming experience instantly and without interruption

    The Internet has become the broadcast channel of the hyperconnected world. Consumers expect instant, uninterrupted access to premium entertainment content on any device. Akamai’s next-generation content delivery network optimizes the online media experience, delivering cutting-edge performance while ensuring reliability and security, so businesses can scale with audience demands. Leading broadcasters, video on-demand providers, technology providers and gaming platforms trust Akamai to help them engage audiences globally and drive their businesses faster forward.

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