CDN HTTP Live Streaming

HTTP live streaming, or HLS is a popular video streaming format supported by Akamai’s Adaptive Bitrate Delivery service. For media companies and other enterprises that engage audiences through online video, Akamai’s service [media platform] makes HTTP live streaming simple, scalable, and secure, while ensuring the best possible viewing experience from any device, anytime, anywhere.

How HTTP Live Streaming Works

HLS, is a streaming protocol developed by Apple for online streaming of video or audio to iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, from a regular HTTP web server rather than a specialized media streaming server. Originally used only for Apple devices, HLS is now supported by additional devices such as Android-based smartphones.

HTTP live streaming works by breaking the stream into a sequence of small HTTP-based video files, each file being a short chunk of an overall potentially unbounded transport stream. As the stream is played, the playback device may select from a number of different alternate streams containing the same material encoded at a variety of data rates, allowing the streaming session to adapt to any available bandwidth.

HLS supports live video streaming as well as video on demand (VOD). For a live video broadcast, the stream segment files are created continuously and the manifests are regularly refreshed.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions Helps Deliver HTTP Live Streaming

For media content providers, HTTP live streaming (Apple HLS) is an essential technology for engaging with millions of Apple device users. Akamai's Media Delivery Solutions support HLS transcoding, packaging and delivery of live and on-demand streams:

  • Leverage the Akamai global content delivery network—encompassing more than 200,000 servers in more than 114 countries—to deliver HLS live and on-demand streaming from locations close to your audience, resulting in superior performance, reliability, and scalability.
  • Supply a single video source file to Akamai's cloud-based video transcoding and packaging workflow service to have the file automatically converted to multiple streaming formats such as HLS or HTTP dynamic streaming (HDS), to support multiple device types.
  • Secure your video content with cloud-based digital rights management or encryption services including FairPlay Streaming.
  • Tap into advanced video analytics at the audience level and the individual viewer level to optimize your content strategy and boost revenues.

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