CDN Media Platform

With the recent surge in demand for online media, content publishers are seeking faster, more efficient ways to deliver the high quality content and improved performance consumers expect. Often the best solution is a comprehensive media platform such as Akamai's Media Delivery Solutions, which supports end-to-end media preparation, storage and delivery. Supporting the latest online media initiatives like TV Everywhere and Ultraviolet, a state-of-art media platform like Akamai Media Delivery Solutions simplifies content management and distribution workflows for broadcasters and service providers and gives users a superior, universally-accessible viewing experience.

Utilizing a Media Platform to Overcome Media Delivery Challenges

As online content publishers face increasing competition and rising consumer expectations with every innovation, new product and service, they're discovering how the right media platform can help them overcome many of the challenges involved with content delivery including:

  • Ensuring that users can access and enjoy premium content from any device and location, no matter the network, platform or file format
  • Offering viewers reduced page load time, rapid video startup, minimal rebuffering and optimal video quality—through advanced technologies like adaptive bitrate streaming and jQuery CDN services
  • Scaling infrastructure efficiently in response to unexpected demand
  • Managing authorized viewing while protecting content from piracy
  • Building revenue through personalized ad content

Leveraging the Akamai Cloud-Based Media Platform

At Akamai, our experts understand these challenges and have developed an innovative, globally-distributed media platform that integrates the processes of online media preparation and delivery. Akamai Media Delivery Solutions bring together intelligent cloud-based media services that streamline media processing workflows, helping our clients save time and focus resources on creating compelling content.

For media publishers, the Akamai media platform offers solutions focused on the core content delivery challenges of video optimization, security and monetization:

  • Our transcoding and stream packaging service adapts and optimizes content to reach multiple devices at the highest possible quality and packages live or on-demand content streams in real time using the appropriate protocol, be it HTTP live streaming for iOS and Android devices or HTTP dynamic streaming for Flash runtimes.
  • Our suite of best-of-breed content protection and conditional access technologies allows clients to define the appropriate level of protection for their particular content and audience.
  • Our ad integration services enable the dynamic insertion of targeted advertising into online video streams within the Akamai network, allowing you to monetize content across a broad range of platforms and devices.

For software publishers, the Akamai media platform includes software distribution solutions including a download manager to improve download performance and user experience.

All of our solutions are easily integrated with our Media Delivery Solutions online storage and HTTP delivery network, giving you global reach, reliability and scalability via the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the world's first and largest CDN.

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