Akamai enables Concur to instantly improve global application performance and expand into new markets

Concur Customer Testimonial
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“The solution set Akamai brings to the table is second-to-none in the marketplace, and what it can bring in terms of acceleration and security is something that we found truly unique, and matched the growth of our platform.”

Drew Garner , Director of Services Architecture , Concur

The Situation

Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, helping companies of all sizes book business travel, and create and manage expense reports. Founded in 1993, Concur is trusted by over 15,000 clients in more than 100 countries, with 15 million unique users. With the aid of its mobile apps, the company processes over 50 billion dollars in travel and entertainment spending, equal to 10 percent of the world’s T&E spending. Having enjoyed double-digit growth for the better part of a decade, Concur was also recently named Forbes’ Most Innovative Growth Company.

The Challenge

In the years since Concur’s founding, the company has evolved from selling shrink- wrapped software in the back of travel magazines into a leading global travel and expense automation SaaS provider. As the company extended its reach beyond the U.S., it needed a way to ensure optimal web performance for its international customers. Because of the complex and media-rich nature of the web application, performance in Europe and Australia suffered.

“As our application grew richer, it became harder for us to deliver content directly to our end-users from our own data centers,” explains Drew Garner, Director of Services Architecture for Concur. “We had to find a partner that had the global footprint to help us ensure good performance and security internationally.”

The Goals

Concur needed to meet three key requirements to support its objectives:

  • Deliver consistent, superior web performance worldwide: The company wanted to ensure fast and reliable web application performance and response times, regardless of end-user location.
  • Support global growth: Concur wanted to expand into new geographic regions without sacrificing web application performance.
  • Ensure application security: The company needed to maintain 100% site availability for both national and international customers.

Why Akamai

Partnering with an Industry Leader

As part of its vendor management strategy, Concur frequently reviews its business partners, and compares them to competitors in the marketplace. The breadth and depth of Akamai’s solutions, along with the size of its global content delivery network, far exceed others in the industry. “I would say that Akamai is still, in my mind, three to four years ahead of the competition in terms of the varied suite that it can offer,” states Garner.

Realizing Immediate Performance and Security Improvements

As its business expanded into international markets, Concur’s data centers were unable to deliver its complex and media-rich web applications with the speed that its national customers were accustomed to. In order to deliver web application performance to its European and Australian customers that felt local, Concur employed Akamai’s Web Application Accelerator. “It’s magnified outside the country,” explains Garner. “The further away you get from our data centers, the harder it is to achieve that adequate performance that our customer requires to use our platform. We had dramatic successes when we first went live with Akamai, and we’ve had lots of successes moving forward.”

Web performance improvements were not only limited to mobile application users. “Both the average, every-day user who’s on our mobile platform, all the way through to back office people who used to take hours to build and deliver a report, that now takes minutes when placed on Akamai’s global platform,” states Garner. “We acquired a company, integrated it onto the Akamai platform, and saw a 68% performance improvement across the board.”

Concur has also taken steps to protect its global sites and web applications from malicious attacks and downtime. By using Akamai’s Cloud Security Solutions, the company is confident that its customers’ information is secure.

Positioned for Future Growth

Akamai has acted as a reliable and secure global delivery platform for Concur, allowing the company to expand into international markets in Europe, India, and Australia. According to Garner, “Before we brought Akamai in, we had delivery issues in the UK, France, Germany, Australia…we had growing businesses in each area, and we needed a better way to deliver performance that was similar to what people saw in the U.S.” Akamai’s solutions were instrumental in improving performance in those regions, helping Concur to look to expanding its businesses into other international and emerging markets.

About Concur

Concur® is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions for companies of all sizes. Concur’s easy-to-use web-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time. In support of the mission to fuel The Perfect TripTM, Concur delivers continuous innovation through The Concur® T&E Cloud, the open platform that enables the entire ecosystem to build upon and extend applications, content and T&E data aggregated through Concur; and Concur® Big Data, which leverages the industry’s most comprehensive source of T&E data to provide enhanced value in accordance with their travel policies. Learn more at or the Concur blog.

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