CDN Provider

The rising demand for online video (including mobile video) offers extraordinary opportunity for today's content delivery network provider, or CDN provider. Subscribers not only want fast and reliable access to high quality video on a wide variety of devices, they want their online experience to be exceptional every time. A CDN provider that can consistently and securely offer access to online video and other quality services can achieve significant competitive advantage.

To capitalize on these opportunities, a CDN provider must utilize a CDN with features that go far beyond the standard CDN platform. But the time and cost to build, deploy and manage state-of-the-art technology is more than the average CDN provider can afford. That's where a managed CDN service from Akamai can help.

Managed services for the CDN provider

Akamai is a leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications. As the world's most highly distributed CDN and serving 30% of all Internet traffic, Akamai offers the CDN provider a highly scalable, turnkey CDN solution in Aura Managed CDN, a cloud CDN solution that gives the CDN provider the tools to deliver a better online experience for subscribers.

Aura Managed CDN optimizes networks for content delivery and enables a CDN provider to launch video services with a CDN dedicated to their network. By relying on a CDN monitored and managed by Akamai experts, the CDN provider can reduce upfront costs and minimize deployment time when establishing a CDN to deliver multiscreen video services or commercial CDN services. With Akamai, the CDN provider can create and take advantage of new opportunities without risking capital expenditure or adding complexity to their network.

Benefits to the CDN provider

With the Akamai's Aura Managed CDN service, a CDN provider can:

  • Manage the CDN platform more cost efficiently by reducing complexity.
  • Increase revenue by providing subscribers with top CDN internet services, bundling higher tier services and offering value-added services.
  • Minimize costs by avoiding the need for additional hardware, offloading controlling OTT traffic and by using a single CDN infrastructure for all services offered to customers.
  • Deliver premium subscription content to a wide variety of devices through multi-format HTTP video delivery.
  • Ensure exceptional online experiences by speeding web content, streaming video to any device and extending online video libraries.
  • Improve offerings with expertise and insight from Akamai CDN specialists in online stream packaging, acceleration and analytics.

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