CDN streaming

Improve CDN streaming with Akamai

Streaming video over a content delivery network (CDN) today requires increasingly sophisticated technology. Video content is continually becoming more complex, making it harder for CDN streaming services to deliver the flawless quality that users expect. Larger file sizes are causing slower page load times, and mobile devices are requesting content that is a greater distance away from origin servers and that isn’t optimized for specific mobile technology.

To meet user demand for broadcast-quality video at any time on any device, CDN streaming providers need faster, more powerful and highly scalable solutions. When seeking solutions to improve competitiveness in this high-stakes digital landscape, more CDN streaming providers choose technology from Akamai.

Leading CDN streaming solutions

As one of the world’s leading providers of services for content delivery networks, Akamai offers CDN streaming solutions designed to improve the speed, performance and availability of content delivered from a streaming media server. With more than half of all consumer Internet traffic devoted to viewing video, Akamai’s next generation CDN services provide the quality, affordability and scale that CDN providers require deliver flawless CDN streaming. All top 30 media and entertainment companies, leading gaming platforms and all of the major US sports leagues trust Akamai CDN streaming technology to deliver the best online experiences for their users.

Akamai capabilities for CDN streaming

Akamai delivers comprehensive solutions and capabilities for CDN streaming that is unmatched in scalability and quality.

Akamai Aura Licensed CDN provides a highly scalable CDN with a common HTTP caching infrastructure that companies can use to deliver CDN streaming content as well as content from other Akamai customers and other OTT services.

Aura Managed CDN is a completely turnkey CDN streaming video hosting solution that enables companies to deliver CDN streaming video using Akamai technology and servers which are dedicated and customized for specific services.

Aura Object Store is a highly scalable, persistent replicated HTTP object store for storing media content for CDN content origination. Designed for CDN administrators who need a resilient online media storage solution, Aura Object Store is affordable, simple to manage and scales easily as business needs grow.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions offer technology to deliver the highest quality media at any scale, providing the flawless viewing experiences on any device that viewers have come to expect.

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