Mobile CDN

Operating a mobile content delivery network, or mobile CDN, is an increasingly difficult task in today’s highly connected world. A mobile CDN must not only accommodate a rapidly growing variety of devices, but increasingly complex content as well, from dynamically generated content to streaming video. Bandwidth can be an issue, too – especially with rising user expectations for fast, reliable and engaging mobile experiences.

To enable a mobile CDN to deliver superior web experiences that are always optimized for a user’s device, browser, location and network, more content delivery providers are turning to Akamai.

Akamai solutions for the mobile CDN

Akamai is the global leader in services for content delivery networks, with comprehensive solutions that improve web performance, enhance enterprise mobility, strengthen cloud security and accelerate media delivery to any device, anywhere.

Akamai mobile CDN solutions are built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world’s largest cloud-based platform for securely distributing content, applications and video. Serving more than two trillion Internet interactions every day, Akamai’s platform offers a mobile CDN operator unparalleled advantages in performance, reliability, security and cost.

Mobile CDN content providers can overcome the challenges of optimizing the mobile experience with Akamai Ion, the world’s first situational performance solution. With an integrated suite of content delivery, acceleration and optimization technologies, Ion provides the intelligence to automatically make real-time web and mobile optimization decisions based on the user’s device, network, browser and location. With Akamai Ion, mobile users can always count on an exceptional mobile experience that is perfectly optimized for their device.

Ion enables a mobile CDN operators to:

  • Offer rich and engaging mobile experiences and CDN streaming services that exceed user expectations for fast and reliable access regardless of device, network, browser and location.
  • Scale to meet peak traffic conditions by relying on Akamai’s globally distributed cloud-based platform.
  • Lower the cost of operating a mobile CDN by offloading network infrastructure and leveraging Akamai’s cloud-based services.

Additional mobile CDN solutions

Akamai offers two cost-efficient CDN solutions that can reduce the complexity of building a content delivery network and interconnecting across providers.

  • Aura Licensed CDN is a licensed suite of CDN software that enables content providers to own and operate a highly scalable mobile CDN.
  • Aura Managed CDN is a highly scalable, turnkey CDN that leverages Akamai technology on servers that are dedicated and customized for the mobile CDN operator’s needs.

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