Streaming services

Streaming services are increasingly in demand today as applications for streaming video and other content continue to expand. To meet the demands of a growing, global audience, content providers must provide instant and uninterrupted access to streaming services on any device from any location, with technology for content delivery that ensures the highest quality online experience. Anything less and users won’t hesitate to look for streaming services elsewhere.

But delivering reliable, high-quality streaming services that can easily scale to meet audience demand is no easy task. That’s why so many content providers turn to Akamai for streaming server solutions to simplify the implementation and management of streaming services technology.

Akamai solutions for streaming services.

Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery enables providers to deliver streaming services at the highest quality and to increase audience engagement by adapting in real time to the available bandwidth of each user.

Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Akamai’s streaming services solution is optimized for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver high-quality viewing experiences on fixed or mobile networks and at different connection speeds. Adaptive Media Delivery serves as both an on-demand and live streaming server, supporting formats that include HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.

With Adaptive Media Delivery for streaming media services, you can:

  • Scale rapidly to deliver streaming services to large audiences
  • Ensure superior video quality and reliability
  • Optimize online video playback quality and performance
  • Monitor streaming delivery with application-aware software intelligence
  • Serve content to any device, anywhere
  • Average Akamai’s experience in streaming the world’s largest online events

Capabilities of Akamai’s streaming services

Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery provides comprehensive capabilities that deliver the scalability, availability, reliability and reach that content providers need to compete.

Scale and capacity. Adaptive Media Delivery has enabled streaming of some of the world’s largest online events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup – events that have become benchmarks for online streaming capacity and scale. Scalability and capacity are critical to successful streaming services, as it is impossible to know when a piece of content may go viral.

Proximity to audience. Congestion, latency and packet loss on the Internet can significantly limit the quality of online video. To minimize the impact of network congestion, Akamai deploys a network of edge servers with 20 to 100 times more Points of Presence (POPs) than other global CDN providers, bring content closer to the audience for lower latency and higher quality.

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