Akamai Cloud Security


セキュリティへの脅威が変化しても、それらを阻止する Akamai のノウハウは常に強力です

ユーザーは、個人やビジネスの資産を保護するため、常時利用可能なだけでなく、常に安全なオンライン体験を求めています。オンラインに移行するデータとビジネスプロセスの増加に伴い、セキュリティを犠牲にすることなく、ウェブサイトやインフラを保護することが組織に求められています。Akamai では、セキュリティの防御線をクラウドまで拡張することで、コンテンツをユーザーの近くに配置し、巧妙さを増すウェブ攻撃やデータセンター攻撃への防御を強化しています。

  • The Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Security
    This guide provides the background and metrics to match a security solution to your needs and outlines what you need to know to make the best decision.

  • How Do You Measure Protection in the Cloud?
    When choosing a cloud security solution, it can be challenging comparing capacity, response time, and support. Our infographic explains which numbers matter, and what questions you should be asking.


Threat Intelligence Learning Center

  • Latest Threat Advisories
    Akamai's cybersecurity experts conduct research, digital forensics and post-event analysis on every major threat vector. These reports can help your organization make more informed, proactive decisions.

  • Security Commentary and Blog
    Akamai’s security experts research and report on the latest threat vectors and methods for mitigating them. Stay abreast of latest security threats with our security advisories, podcasts and blog posts.

  • State of the Internet Security
    Get the latest report on DDoS attack trends including origins, tactics, types, targets, and hot-topic security issues.


Akamai Security Solutions

  • Brochure: Cloud Security Solutions
    Akamai's reputation was earned by building the world's largest cloud-enabled delivery platform, backed by the most scalable, distributed security solution available. Learn more about Akamai's Cloud Security Services and how they can protect your business from the increasing risk of cyber attacks.

  • Cloud Security Products
    Akamai’s security products can safeguard your websites and other Internet-facing applications from the risks of downtime and data theft by extending the security perimeter to the edge of the network, protecting from increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of web and data center attacks.