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Be unstoppable in every way

Build, run, and secure your apps in one place — the world’s most distributed compute platform, from cloud to edge.

Tap into the world’s largest, most trusted edge platform

4,200+ locations

1,400+ networks

135 countries

800+ Tbps capacity

24/7 monitoring

1,900+ services experts

The platform for life online

The Akamai Intelligent Edge is a place where proximity, scale, security, and innovation work together. All backed by a team of experts to help you unlock its full potential.

The most sophisticated edge platform

To power and protect your digital experiences, rely on Akamai’s unparalleled capacity and scale.

Unrivaled intelligence and visibility

Rest assured Akamai sees more internet conditions, deftly avoiding bottlenecks and defending at the edge.

Your strategic partners for the future

Count on thousands of frontline security & delivery experts 24/7 plus 330+ threat researchers analyzing data.

The evolution of your cloud journey

Extend the power of your cloud infrastructure while simplifying operations & moving closer to your users.

The Forrester Wave Bot Management Q2 2022
The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2 2022

Forrester names Akamai a Leader in Bot Management. Cites strengths such as detection, vision, and feature breadth.

Bot attackers are always trying to reverse-engineer detection technology and algorithms. We believe Forrester recognized the outstanding job we do in identifying new and evolving threats.

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The most innovative brands choose Akamai

Solve your toughest problems. Explore our solutions.

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Outsmart the most sophisticated threats

Stay safe from threats with no compromise to performance or customer experience. 

Female camerawoman shooting basketball game at Arena Stozice, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Deliver life’s best digital experiences

Make digital magic. Flawlessly deliver your dynamic content — even at peak demand. 

Businessman working on laptop and looking at desktop computer screen. Male professional sitting at his office desk and working on new software program.

Innovate in real time

Deploy and run code at the edge, just milliseconds away from your users.

I had no room for failure. Akamai understood this and provided the solution and expert resources we needed to secure all our customer-facing platforms.

— Gianluca D’Aniello, Chief Technology Officer

Akamai in the News

Akamai Awards $1M in Products and Services to Future of Life Online Challenge Winner Bloomfield Robotics

Akamai today announced that Bloomfield Robotics is the winner of its Future of Life Online Challenge, clinching an award of USD $1 million in Akamai products and services.
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Akamai Reveals New Research on Top Three Internet Security Threats

Reports Offer In-Depth Insights on Ransomware, Web Applications and APIs, and DNS Traffic.
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Akamai Launches New Malware Protection for Uploaded Files

Akamai today unveiled Malware Protection, which shields web applications and APIs from malicious uploads.
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Akamai Launches First NFT Artwork Dynamically Fueled by the Internet

Akamai Technologies, Inc. today unveiled the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork dynamically designed by the internet.
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What’s New at the Edge

Bots Are Scalping Israeli Government Services

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The Relentless Evolution of DDoS Attacks

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What's the Value of a Key-Value Store?

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What amazing digital experiences can we power and protect for you?