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Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, today announced that InspireWorks, a software and technology company that provides digital multimedia applications, has selected Akamai's Web Application Accelerator solutions to enhance the speed, security and scalability of its online education portal. Using the InspireWorks portal, educators, students, parents and administrators can intelligently create, control, view, and share information, such as lesson plans, diagnostic assessments and targeted tutorials, and track individual student academic goals in real time — driving efficiency into online learning.

In conjunction with the launch last week of its after-school and home learning program, "Extending the Reach to Teach," InspireWorks will harness the power of technology to support the unique program being rolled out nationwide, initially in six states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, California and Georgia. InspireWorks' advanced portal tracks the educational progress and goals of an individual, school or entire school district — all via one integrated online application.

"Our goal to build a fast, reliable and secure online academic environment to advance education and provide a positive online learning experience for students has come to fruition," said Jim Tagliareni, President and Founder, InspireWorks. "By year end, we expect our current user base to grow up to 500,000 and we'll need to maintain a high quality user experience during this growth."

Akamai's Web Application Accelerator is an innovative solution that improves the performance of Web-based enterprise applications, enabling companies to perform critical business processes in a more secure, controllable environment. Through Akamai's network of more than 18,000 servers worldwide, users of InspireWorks' online education portal will gain increased productivity as a result of decreased application latency, regardless of where its users are located. Akamai also delivers capacity on demand, eliminating InspireWorks' need to make significant investments in additional infrastructure to handle peak periods of application usage.

"By utilizing Akamai's Web Application Accelerator solution, InspireWorks will be able to provide students and administrators with the speed and efficiency they need to learn and share information more easily and collaboratively," said Robert Hughes, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Services and Marketing, Akamai. "Our proven Web Application Accelerator solution will enable InspireWorks to differentiate itself from other online educational tools and at the same time make the extended learning experience more productive."

InspireWorks is uniquely positioned to facilitate the collection and dissemination of student achievement data through its unique five-phase prescriptive process. InspireWorks will be able to run a user base for all 48.4 million public school students, 20 million parents and households, and 3.7 million public school teachers, aides and school administrators in the U.S. InspireWorks' immediate focus is to provide education applications and content to inner city students on a subscription basis, giving them on-demand access to interactive and targeted tutorials based on their personalized academic achievement data and profiles.

Akamai already supports many universities with similar networking tools including more than 200 engineering and applied science graduate courses in seven master's programs offered worldwide.

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