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Akamai Japan K.K., a subsidiary of Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and applications online, announced today that its Internet acceleration technology, including its Application Performance Solutions (APS) for enterprise applications, will be adopted by Fujitsu Limited for its FENICS II next-generation solutions.

In the past, Fujitsu has utilized Akamai's services for high-speed, high-reliability Internet solutions in phases for such requirements as global inter-company collaborations, and application and video content delivery for customer services. Fujitsu will commence official sales activities for its next-generation network solutions as of April 4, and will now leverage Akamai's comprehensive APS services to achieve reliability, acceleration functionality and visibility.

Akamai is providing its APS and other technologies to Fujitsu's FENICS II in order to allow both partners to collectively solve the issues that companies face today, including system building and operation with a focus on the control of Internet networks, the construction of flexible global systems, and the utilization of SaaS. Through this service collaboration with Fujitsu, Akamai will provide network solutions that support the global operations of Japanese companies. A major Japanese trading company has already announced its adoption of this service, which is scheduled to be put in official operation at the end of April.

About Application Performance Solutions: APS is a set of Akamai solutions that leverage Akamai's global platform consisting of over 30,000 dedicated servers deployed in major ISPs in 70 countries worldwide, providing the reliability required for corporate networks and an acceleration function for enterprise applications, both on a global scale. The Akamai platform offers the value provided by dedicated lines and installed appliances as a comprehensive service to the Internet world. This service enables companies to deliver business applications globally and at high speeds by means of an aggregated infrastructure, without the need to install additional IT infrastructure overseas. It is used by many leading companies around the world in various aspects of their global operations, such as inter-company collaborations, quick market application deployment, and global deployment of SaaS providers.

Comment by Mr. Shingo Kagawa, Senior Vice President, Network Services Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited: "As companies' IT usage becomes more global, higher-capacity, and more multimedia oriented, many requirements such as IT-governance enhancement and data-center aggregation must be met at the same time. In this context, efficient use of networks is the key to optimizing the convergence and distribution of architectures. By combining the service-type high-speed delivery solutions deployed over the Internet by Akamai with our FENICS II network solutions, we expect to provide tremendous added value to customers."

FENICS II, which Fujitsu announced in May of 2007, is the network services offering at the core of the company's "Network as a Service" approach to delivering innovation to the front lines of customers’ businesses by leveraging the power of network-enabled IT utilization. FENICS II offers all aspects of service from IT infrastructure and network service to overall network-enabled IT utilization on a one-stop basis.

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