Starz Entertainment

Akamai enables Starz Entertainment to deliver the best online streaming experiences to their customers, regardless of what device they're using or where they're located

Starz Entertainment Customer Testimonial
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"We started out with 17 partners when we launched Vongo. Akamai is now one of two remaining, because Akamai has changed with us."

Richard Brownrigg , VP, Internet and Interactive Development , Starz Entertainment

As more and more of their customers began to consume content online, Starz was faced with the challenge of not only cost-effectively delivering that content to their end users, but also ensuring a flawless viewing experience. Akamai became their partner of choice, providing a solution to push their content to the edge of the Internet so they could deliver the best online streaming experiences regardless of what devices their customers were using or where they were located.

As Starz’s business needs grew, so too did their strategic relationship with Akamai. For example, when they began having with caching, they turned to Akamai to provide the Internet expertise they needed to troubleshoot and solve those problems.

When Starz originally built their Vongo platform, the basis of their IP delivery network, they were working with 17 partners. Today, Akamai is one of only two partners remaining because of the value they provide Starz. Akamai’s support has been a constant in the relationship, and they’ve continued to grow and change with Starz as their business has evolved.