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Akamai Combats Credential Stuffing with Introduction of Bot Manager Premier

Powerful Industry-Proven Behavior Anomaly Analysis Technology Designed to Detect Highly Sophisticated Bots

Las Vegas, Nev., Akamai Edge 2017 | October 11, 2017


Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, today introduced Bot Manager Premier. As the latest addition to the company’s Cloud Security product family, Bot Manager Premier is designed to help organizations manage the impact of bots across their entire digital environment, including websites, mobile applications and web APIs.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Akamai, 54 percent of respondents reported that credential stuffing attacks are not only increasing, but also becoming more severe. 68 percent indicated that they did not have good visibility into credential stuffing attacks, while 70 percent did not believe existing solutions were sufficient for preventing and containing these attacks. Within this challenging environment, Bot Manager Premier is designed specifically to help online businesses address several advanced bot use cases as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. These situations include credential abuse, gift card/credit card balance checking, loyalty program other forms of web fraud, as well as automated purchases of travel reservations or limited availability consumer goods.

Bot Manager Premier introduces new behavior anomaly analysis capabilities proven to have successfully detected many of the most sophisticated bots in evidence. Incorporating technology from the company’s Cyberfend acquisition, Bot Manager Premier is able to detect bot activity disguised as human interactions, even if the bots continually modify behavior in an attempt to evade detection, while targeting login and other transactional pages. At the same time, Bot Manager Premier can effectively manage other bot activity, such as scraping, content aggregation, and even “good” bots that can affect other aspects of a company website.

Akamai’s Bot Manager Premier is designed to meet the needs of online businesses by offering:

  • Advanced bot detection including behavior anomaly analysis designed to thwart credential abuse, gift card balance checking and other forms of web fraud aimed at login and transactional web pages.
  • Mobile SDK to better protect mobile apps and APIs from bot activity.
  • Advanced and conditional actions to give organizations the power to manage different types of bots (e.g., scrapers, content aggregators, etc.) in the manner that best meets their unique business requirements.

"For businesses to be successful in today’s environment, they must interact with their customers online. But to do so, they must expose login and other transactional pages that unfortunately can be abused by robots that masquerade as humans online," explained Josh Shaul, vice president, Web Security, Akamai. "Our customers are telling us that Bot Manager Premier is not only able to detect and stop the robots, but it is also one of the few security solutions in their portfolios that can deliver an easily measured return on investment. Akamai Bot Manager clients can actually measure the reduction in fraud driven by stopping credential abuse and account takeovers. By effectively combining proven, advanced detection capabilities with highly flexible management options, Akamai gives businesses a vital tool to address their myriad bot problems."

To learn more and see Bot Manager Premier in action, please tune into the broadcast of the Akamai Edge 2017 keynote, taking place at 12:00 p.m. PT, Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

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