Application firewall

Protect your organization with a web application firewall.

A web application firewall (WAF) can provide advanced protection from application layer attacks that threaten to cripple Web sites and penetrate an organization’s application security measures.

Web application layer and injection attacks wreak havoc by attacking the web application itself or by forwarding logic to a database to compromise the data stored within it. Threats fall into three primary categories:

  • Cross site scripting, where vulnerabilities in XSS enable hackers to introduce a script to be executed in the user’s browser.
  • SQL injection, where fake database queries are introduced to infiltrate or overwhelm critical databases and applications.
  • Malicious file execution, where attackers exploit an application’s vulnerability to remote file inclusion in order to enter malicious data and code.

To combat these threats, organizations can deploy an application firewall between a Web client and a Web server to perform a deep inspection of every request and response in every common form of Web traffic. By identifying abnormal or malicious traffic and blocking it from reaching the Web server, the application firewall can effectively protect the server and the organization.

Kona Site Defender – a full-featured Web application firewall from Akamai.

Akamai’s Kona Site Defender provides a broad-spectrum layer of defense that includes a full-featured Web application firewall that helps to detect and deflect threats in HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Akamai’s application firewall is implemented inline across a globally distributed platform of tens of thousands of servers, providing alerts or blocking attacks near their source before they reach the customer.

Akamai’s application firewall offers:

  • Superior protection without compromising performance or availability of the origin server – Akamai’s Web Application firewall is deployed at the edge rather in the host data center, in order to minimize impact on performance.
  • Instant scalability to handle spikes in malicious traffic – the Akamai Web Application firewall runs on a robust, global platform that can easily accommodate large volumes of traffic.
  • A cloud security solution that requires no new investments in IT infrastructure.

Advantages of Akamai’s application firewall

With Kona Site Defender from Akamai you can:

  • Minimize the risk of a data breach with a cloud-based Web security solution.
  • Simplify Web security with easy-to-configure, pre-defined controls for the application layer.
  • Protect the organization against evolving threats through continuously updated security rules.
  • Reduce capital and operational costs by relying on Akamai's cloud services for security.

Learn more about Akamai’s Web Application Firewall and about protecting your organization from a DDoS attack with Kona Site Defender.