Cloud Storage Services

We live in the era of "big data", marked by exponential growth in "unstructured" content such as digital media files, server and sensor logs, emails, digitized documents, and social media posts. Increasingly, organizations with large stocks of such content are using cloud storage services to store the data rather than storing it on-premise.

Why Use Cloud Storage Services?

Cloud storage services provide a variety of benefits that make such services an attractive solution to the data storage challenges faced by today's businesses and public institutions. The primary benefits are:

  • Savings. Typically you can sharply reduce your storage costs per byte by using cloud storage services rather than storing the same content on-premise. Cloud storage not only spares you the costs of storage hardware, software, and floor space, it spares you the ongoing expense of storage system operation and maintenance.
  • Scalability. Most cloud storage services are built for massive scale and can easily accommodate growth or spikes in your storage needs.
  • Data protection. The largest and best cloud storage services provide storage redundancy not only within data centers, but across multiple data centers. And a variety of physical, logical, and procedural safeguards produce a high degree of data security in cloud computing—leading some to argue that high caliber cloud services are at least as secure if not more so than traditional on-premise IT infrastructures.
  • Proximity to end users. For some use cases, the right cloud storage service can also provide the benefit of replicating content and storing it close to widely dispersed end users. This type of cloud hosting is of particular value in the case of media distribution and online streaming.

Cloud Storage Services from Akamai

Akamai was a pioneer and is still the leader in wide-dispersion cloud storage services. Today the Akamai Intelligent Platform™—the world's largest and most advanced content distribution network (CDN)—spans more than 160,000 servers in over 95 countries, and carries up to 30% of global internet traffic.

For businesses or public agencies in need of cloud storage services, Akamai can help. Here's how:

  • If you need to store and distribute media content, Akamai Media Delivery Solutions can put your content within a single network hop of 90% of Internet users worldwide. This managed cloud solution also provides inline packaging and transcoding services, digital rights protection, and real-time analytics.
  • For other types of data storage needs—if you intend to use the services of other cloud storage providers, or if you plan to implement your own enterprise cloud services, Akamai Cloud Networking Solutions can optimize the connection between your end users and the cloud data center. These solutions improve cloud service availability and performance, which in turn boosts service adoption and user productivity.

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