Fast DNS

DDoS 攻撃に対抗してパフォーマンス、可用性、弾力性を向上させるクラウドベースの DNS

Fast DNS は、DNS の名前解決の負荷をインフラからクラウドに移す権威 DNS サービスを提供します。Akamai Intelligent Platform™ 上に構築された Fast DNS ではパフォーマンスと可用性の両方が考慮されており、最大規模の DDoS 攻撃の際中でも高速の DNS 体験を維持します。オプションの DNSSEC サポートを使って、Fast DNS をプライマリまたはセカンダリソリューションとして配置し、DNS の偽装や改ざんを防止できます。

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  • High Availability — Leverage Akamai’s Intelligent Platform™, with thousands of DNS servers in hundreds of points of presence worldwide, to provide a high level of DNS service availability. Fast DNS comes with a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA); providing you with confidence that your customers and employees can connect to your website and application servers.
  • Fast Responses — Direct users to a high performing DNS server based on network conditions to improve responsiveness of your DNS infrastructure. The globally distributed Anycast network accelerates DNS resolutions for users connecting to your sites and applications from anywhere in the world, and zone apex mapping reduces DNS lookup times even further for websites on Akamai’s Intelligent Platform™ for an additional web application performance boost.
  • Defense Against DDoS Attacks — Protect against DDoS attacks targeting the DNS infrastructure to disrupt websites and application servers. Fast DNS provides a highly scalable DNS platform with sufficient capacity to absorb the largest DDoS attacks while responding to legitimate user requests, so you can maintain user access to faster online experiences even when you are under attack.


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