VOD Server

A VOD server (video-on-demand server) is a specialized server that delivers video content such as movies and television shows over the internet, in response to requests from users with internet-connected devices such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. VOD server technology is often incorporated into a content distribution network (CDN) that stores the video content on multiple widely dispersed servers in order to effectively handle the high traffic volumes generated by on-demand video streaming and live video streaming.

A CDN enhances VOD server performance through a process called HTTP caching, which involves creating replicas of the content as it travels through the CDN and storing the copies temporarily. When a user submits a request for a video, the CDN server nearest the subscriber's location responds to the request and delivers the desired content from its cache. This reduces latency for the end user and also reduces load on origin servers and the operator's core network.

VOD Server Technology Satisfies Consumers' Voracious Content Appetite

For network service providers, incorporating VOD server technology into the network has become a necessity. Consumers today are demanding high-performance video content regardless of the devices they're using, the location, or the time of day.

Operators are challenged to keep up with these expectations and with over-the-top (OTT) video traffic that's growing exponentially. In response, they may choose to deploy their own video CDN to handle the traffic volumes securely and efficiently.

Aside from traffic management, CDNs and video streaming server technology offer benefits to network operators and consumers alike:

  • Operators can add new revenue streams by selling video CDN services to enterprises and third-party content owners, while also improving average revenue per subscriber.
  • Consumers enjoy a more reliable and seamless video experience.

Akamai Enables Operators to Deploy Distributed VOD Server Technology

Akamai is the leader in accelerating and securing web content including VOD content. Our content distribution network of more than 216,000 servers is the world's largest and handles up to 30% of global Internet traffic.

With Akamai Network Operator Solutions, you can:

  • Build and deploy your own CDN, complete with media streaming server technology, by running the Aura Lumen licensed software suite on clustered commodity hardware. Extend the reach of your video libraries and stream content in multiple formats on different devices, while gauging content performance through Aura Lumen's media analytics reporting.
  • Deploy your video CDN on Akamai's cloud-based network with Aura Spectra, with Akamai managing dedicated servers for you. You'll save upfront CAPEX costs, lower infrastructure complexity, and increase speed to market.

Learn more about Akamai's VOD server solutions.