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Enterprise Threat Protector

How Businesses Are Moving to a Secure Access Service Edge

Hear from industry leaders about how distributed workplaces are adopting a new model to secure and deliver their businesses at the edge.
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Image and Video Manager

Image Optimization

Learn how you can automatically create optimized images and videos to deliver rich digital experiences.
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Adaptive Media Delivery

The Future of Media

Learn what the future has in store for digital content delivery. We look at the impact of 5G and how developers can fuel the next wave of video evolution.
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Customer Stories

Enterprise Application Access

Doshisha University

Akamai helps Doshisha University quickly configure remote work and adopt zero trust security best practices globally.
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Enterprise Application Access

Skylark Group

Skylark Group helps restaurant employees focus on great customer service by simplifying application access with Akamai.
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Retail and Consumer Goods


iCanvas gives customers a safe, secure way to purchase inspiring art for their home or office, with Akamai
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White Papers

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Simplify Your Web Application Security

Find out how Akamai Web Application Protector defends your applications and APIs from a wide range of layer threats — with less effort and overhead.
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Kona Site Defender

The Rapid Evolution and Growing Threat of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and frequent. Take a deep dive into the history and evolution of DDoS and learn how businesses can prepare before they become a target.
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Stop the Impact of Ransomware white paper

Protect your enterprise and contain the lateral movement in your network.
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On-Demand Webinar: State of the Internet / Security: DDoS and Application Attacks

The State of the Internet / Security: DDoS and Application Attacks report looks at bot evasion tactics and mitigating the risk of burnout in security teams.
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Webinar: Security Posture of Indian Gaming Companies

Learn about the criminal economics of Indian gaming companies.
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Your Money for Nothing and Your Streams for Free

This session surveyed academic literature about piracy and the ROI on fighting it. It explores concepts like “displacement” and how the bad guys make money.
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