Custom Onsite Training

Akamai의 클라우드 서비스를 강화하는 맞춤형 University 프로그램입니다.

Akamai 기술 전문가들이 고객의 팀원을 대상으로 고객의 사업장에서 맞춤형 교육을 실시합니다. Custom Onsite Training은 직접 참여식 실습과 더불어 교육을 통해 습득한 지식을 검증하고 Akamai Certified Administrator가 될 수 있는 Akamai 인증 시험으로 구성되어 있습니다.

Customer Testimonial

"I learned in 2 days more than I learned in 2 years about Akamai Technologies.  We’ve already identified areas where the performance can be improved using Akamai ION.”  Maryna Chysiuk , SONY Crackle

Is an Onsite Class for you?

If you have a number of people (typically more than 5 or 6), then it is more cost-effective to do an onsite class. You save on time and travel and you get to decide on the venue.

You also have the opportunity to customize the content of the class to suit your specific knowledge gaps. You can even choose to combine two classes into one by picking only the topics from each discipline that suit you. You could for example ask for topics in the Web Performance and Cloud Security curricula.

This is an ideal way of getting a group of new hires to your company trained up as quickly as possible to make full use of your invenstment in Akamai.