Customer Enablement: Global Training Solutions

Expand your Akamai solution knowledge, learn how to optimize for your environment, and improve your configuration skills via live instruction. 

Our global classes are led by experienced Professional Services consultants and Akamai Technical Support members. These classes are specially designed for IT professionals who wish to step behind the curtain and deepen their understanding and skills in using our Cloud Security, Web Performance, DevOps, Enterprise Security, and Media Delivery solutions. Each of our courses covers in-depth training on the basics of Akamai, how to implement, configure, troubleshoot, report and manage those products along with real-time hands-on exercises for each.

We currently offer classes in the following business areas of Akamai:

Cloud Security
Akamai Kona Site Defender
Akamai Bot Manager Foundations
Akamai Bot Manager Advanced

Web Performance
Akamai Web Performance Foundations
Akamai Web Performance & Offload

Akamai DevOps Training

Enterprise Security
Akamai Zero Trust Solutions

Media Delivery
Akamai Media Delivery Solutions

All of these are available in both ILT & VILT modality.

Course Description

Akamai Kona Site Defender is a comprehensive course that focuses on configuring and maintaining Kona Site Defender (KSD). The course starts with setting up a basic KSD configuration utilizing default best practices. It describes the concepts involved in analyzing and tuning the configuration in order to maintain it. The participants learn how to protect both APIs and web applications. The topics presented introduce theoretical knowledge complemented with a suitable hands-on component (eg: a group activity or a lab). The course also outlines common use cases for enhanced user experience.

Akamai Bot Manager Foundations covers the current threat landscape, attacker motivations, and technical mitigation strategies for automated non-human attacks. These range from a single host running command line scripts to distributed botnets actively trying to appear as legitimate clients. Attack types covered in the course range from basic page/price scraping to more advanced credential stuffing attacks. Highlighted are some of the newer advanced actions within Bot Manager, which obfuscate the response to the attacker that they are being mitigated.

Akamai Bot Manager Advanced training is a continuation of the Akamai Bot Manager Foundations course. It provides a deeper understanding of the nature of bots, focusing on their threat reviews and analysis. The course also provides the participants with the advanced configuration and tuning details. The training consists of live demonstrations.

Akamai Web Performance Foundations course is designed to familiarize the participants with the Akamai Web Performance portfolio and its key capabilities. It offers an introduction to the features of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform that enable those capabilities. The topics examined are covered by a combination of learning interventions such as conceptual discussions, hands-on exercises, instructor-led demonstrations, and group-based activities.

Akamai Web Performance & Offload training provides a deeper understanding of the Akamai Web Performance solutions, their features and optimizations specifically designed to give Akamai customers greater web performance and origin offload. The course consists of theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on exercises provided to help the participants get a thorough understanding of the covered features and how to implement them.

Akamai DevOps demonstrates how Akamai services and products can be managed from within different customer applications. The course provides the participants with a better understanding of how Akamai can be made part of a DevOps integration process. The training presents a great opportunity for developers and administrators to work with Akamai tools and integrations, as well as API management solutions. The training consists of elaborate demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Akamai Zero Trust Solutions training outlines security solutions designed to help enterprises enable Zero Trust security model. The course teaches participants how to utilize Enterprise Threat Protector, the DNS based service, as a security control point to protect companies against targeted threats like malware, phishing, and others. It demonstrates how Enterprise Application Access allows organizations to provide secure access to enterprise applications hosted on-premise and in the cloud without giving users access to the entire network.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions course is designed to familiarize participants with the Akamai media delivery offering. During the course the participants learn how to configure, test, and fine tune Akamai media delivery solutions. It also provides an overview of Media Analytics and common troubleshooting guidelines for stream delivery. This course includes live demonstrations and hands-on exercises to enhance the user experience.