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Akamai + Public Cloud

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Implement consistent security policy for your hybrid cloud environment on a global scale.

Maintaining a consistent security posture across your entire infrastructure requires solutions that work with you before, during, and after your cloud migration. That’s why the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform provides consistent 24/7/365 protection for your websites, applications, APIs, and users — all while allowing you to manage everything from a single pane of glass.

Secure Applications

No matter where your app is hosted, Kona Site DefenderProlexic, and Edge DNS  intelligently identify DDoS, web application, and DNS attacks in real time, keeping clean traffic flowing to your apps, data centers, and customers.

Secure and Manage APIs

Akamai’s API Security inspects JSON and XML API calls to ensure your data remains secure. API Gateway provides you distributed access, policy, and traffic controls to secure and manage your APIs at the edge.

Secure Access to Applications and Users Everywhere

Enable Zero Trust access for Enterprise Application Access and provide secure identity, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and monitoring capabilities for your enterprise applications across all of your cloud and on-premises locations.

Migrating to the Cloud Made Easier

Maintain control and performance through your cloud migration to minimize business impact and migrate workloads with less risk.

Maintaining key metrics like uptime and performance prove difficult when migrating workloads in the cloud. Challenges like migrating your back-end services between two places while at the same time migrating your users only add to the difficulty. No matter what needs to migrate, Akamai has solutions to help you during this critical time.

Migrate Applications and Infrastructure

Migration of data centers and apps is simple with Akamai’s DNS-based Global Traffic Management and Application Load Balancer, which provides layer 3 through 7 load balancing with cookie-based session stickiness.

Migrate Users

Edge Redirector Cloudlet provides easy management of redirects and offload of your origin. When it comes time to release your new app, site, or workload, Akamai’s Phased Release Cloudlet facilitates the fast rollout of code changes with the ability to fall back quickly.

Reduce Migration Risk and Focus on Performance

Whether it is your DNSsite delivery, or your security solution, with Akamai, you can take it with you. Keep a close eye on what you do migrate with Akamai’s mPulse Real User Monitoring, which measures real-time end-user performance before, during, and after your migration.

Manage Everything in One Place

Take charge of your environments in one place with control and visibility for web applications, cloud security, and content delivery.

With Akamai, all of your security, delivery, and performance controls are right in front of your eyes with the Akamai Control Center, or at your fingertips with Akamai for DevOps, giving you the control to use Akamai directly as code in your CI/CD pipeline.

Manage Peak Events

Some of the largest events on the Internet happen with Akamai; planning and managing the demand of your peak events are easy with CloudTest and the Visitor Prioritization cloudlet.

Manage Costs

Manage your egress costs and performance with Akamai’s cloud provider interconnects and Cloud Wrapper for Multi-CDN.

Manage Your Media Workflows and Delivery

Tap into cloud-hosted media workflows with Akamai’s Media Services Live and Adaptive Media Delivery, providing your users the quality video experience they have come to expect. Akamai makes it easy to manage your worldwide game release using Download Delivery.

Migration Reference Architectures

Scale for Peak, Content Delivery

Cloud Datacenters Accessible via Akamai’s Private Network Connectivity



Central US - Iowa
East US 2 - Virginia
East US - Virginia
North Central US - Illinois
South Central US - Texas
West US 2 - Washington
West Central US - Wyoming
West US - California
Canada Central - Toronto
Canada East - Quebec City
Brazil South - Sao Paulo



North Europe - Ireland
West Europe - Netherlands
France Central - Paris
France South - Marseille
UK South - London
UK West - Cardiff
Germany West Central - Frankfurt
Germany North - Berlin
Switzerland North - Zurich
Switzerland West - Geneva


Asia Pacific

East Asia - Hong Kong
Southeast Asia - Singapore
Australia Central - Canberra
Australia Central 2 - Canberra
Australia East - New South Wales
Australia Southeast - Victoria
Central India - Pune
South India - Chennai
West India - Mumbai
Japan East - Tokyo
Japan West - Osaka



us-west1 - Oregon
us-west2 - Los Angeles
us-west3 - Salt Lake City
us-west4 - Las Vegas
us-central1 - Iowa
us-east1 - South Carolina
us-east4 - N. Virginia
northamerica-northeast1 - Montreal
southamerica-east1 - Sao Paulo


europe-west1 - Belgium
europe-west2 - London
europe-west3 - Frankfurt
europe-west4 - Netherlands
europe-west6 - Zurich
europe-north1 - Finland

Asia Pacific

asia-south1 - Mumbai
asia-southeast1 - Singapore
asia-east1 - Taiwan
asia-east2 - Hong Kong
asia-northeast1 - Tokyo
asia-northeast2 - Osaka
australia-southeast1 - Sydney



us-east-1 - Northern Virginia
us-east-2 - Ohio
us-west-2 - Oregon
us-west-1 - Northern California
ca-central-1 - Montreal
sa-east-1 - Sao Paulo


eu-west-1 - Ireland
eu-central-1 - Frankfurt
eu-west-2 - London
eu-west-3 - Paris
eu-north-1 - Stockholm

Asia Pacific

ap-southeast-1 - Singapore
ap-northeast-1 - Tokyo
ap-southeast-2 - Sydney
ap-south-1 - Mumbai
ap-east-1 - Hong Kong

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