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The Brazil games drove 100x more live streaming than London and Sochi, at 2 times
the speed and 3 times the traffic peaks. Streaming volume has never been bigger and
the stakes have never been higher. We understand how a single moment can define
the success or failure of an entire event.

Watch how Akamai connected viewers across the globe with
expectation-shattering experiences, anywhere, on any device.

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Brazil Online Event Highlights 2016

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Historic Online Event Milestones

2004 US Election Day - 21 Gbps
2008 Major Golf Tournament - 444 Gbps
2009 TV Everywhere - 1 Tbps
2011 Royal Wedding - 1.3 Tbps
2012 Super Bowl - 1.4 Tbps
2014 Sochi Coverage - 3.5 Tbps
2014 FIFA World Cup - 6.9 Tbps
2016 Euro Cup - 7.3 Tbps

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