Media Analytics

Keep up with your audience. Harness your data!

Data is foundational. In order to meet the demands of your audiences and have a competitive advantage in the industry, you need to understand online video engagement and gain insight into how your workflow is performing. This information helps you make informed, strategic decisions.

  • 10.3 million concurrent viewers handled with no data drops or delays (a small fraction of what Akamai actually handles)
  • 10 TV channels across the Star Network
  • 11 on-demand feeds on Hotstar
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What is Akamai’s Media Analytics?

Media Analytics Overview

Media Analytics is a cloud-based, self-service client side solution that provides visibility into online video (live events, 24/7 live linear streams, or video on-demand) performance, quality of experience, and audience behavior through monitoring crucial metrics that power media business decisions.

Media Analytics is comprised of two key modules that help content providers get a pulse on their business by providing data and insights to retain, track, monetize and further engage their online audiences.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) Monitor: Provides real-time visibility (automatically refreshes every 30 seconds) into key metrics that affect the quality of video playback and viewing experience to help you gain insight into stream health and audience engagement. The five key metrics tracked by default on QoS Monitor are Audience Size, Availability, Startup Time, % Rebuffering, and Bitrate.
  • Audience Analytics: A comprehensive overview of key trends around audience behavior as they engage with video content, with 13 months of historical data available for customers. Customizable Business Summary and Quality of Service dashboards provide a snapshot of factors influencing the video experience. Data points include metrics around engagement (viewers, play duration, plays abandoned, top titles, etc.) and quality (video startup time, connection speed, player startup time, etc.).

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Over 50 default metrics to track audience engagement (e.g., viewers, visits, and play duration) and stream performance (e.g., bitrate, dropped frames, and connection speed) to gain intimate insight into the quality of the online viewing experience.


Segment, filter, and group data for additional insights through leveraging a range of video dimensions from ISP and geography to OS and player domain. Use these values to track custom information according to your own operational needs or classification requirements.


Access standard dashboards for an overview (or easily build supplementary custom dashboards) that meet your business’ needs. Reports can be scheduled for regular notifications or are available in a range of various downloadable visual formats.

Multi Platform Support

Media Analytics supports a wide range of player environments (iOS apps, Android, Xbox, HTML5, Roku), online media formats and platforms (Adobe Flash, iOS, Silverlight), and online video content types (live events, VOD, and 24/7 live streams).

Monitor Streams in Real-time

Optimize video performance for the best experience across live streaming events, 24/7 live linear operations or on demand consumption.

Engage, Grow, and Monetize

Through insights into video performance and viewer engagement to grow your business.

Track and Optimize Video Performance

For the best viewing experience across a range devices through integration with multiple online players.

Gain and Share Key Trends and Insights

Insights into your content distribution and audience engagement with summary dashboards and customizable reports.

Live Linear

Achieve broadcast quality live linear streams, without trade-offs

Live Streaming

Keep audiences engaged and delivery high quality experiences

Video on Demand

Reliably deliver secure, quality on demand streams