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Get an inside look at CDN performance with log data at scale.

DataStream was the missing piece in the puzzle for our DevOps agility, much needed for fast-moving ecommerce dev shops like ours.

Technology Specialist, Ecommerce IT

Improve visibility into your CDN performance. Fast.

Consistently access log data at scale

Investigate CDN issues and facilitate changes through actionable CDN platform insights.

Stay agile with CDN performance monitoring

Monitor CDN health, latency, offload, errors, and performance in near real time.

Analyze the CDN from flexible endpoints

Get insights for CDN performance with third-party endpoint support and log analysis.

Monitor and troubleshoot the edge in near real time.

Continuous log data

DataStream continuously pushes comprehensive log data to public cloud endpoints and analytics providers.

Low latency

Get 99% of log data delivered within minutes of activity on the Akamai edge platform.

Self-service integrations

Deliver log data to AWS S3, Azure Blob, Splunk, and Datadog — with self-service configuration.


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