Global Traffic Management

Optimize app performance and avoid outages with intelligent load balancing.

“Akamai enabled us to manage global traffic more efficiently without having to deploy additional infrastructure.”

Yoon Dae-chul, IT Infrastructure Team Manager

Drive consistent performance of apps, APIs, and content

Gain greater control over the user experience

Fine-tune traffic allocation. Set up sites and apps without disrupting current traffic.

Improve workflows with powerful APIs and DevOps

Manage load balancing configurations and diagnose problems with real-time data.

Forecast budgets accurately with no usage limits

Gain budgetary efficiency and predictability with no penalties for usage fluctuations.

Scalable, intelligent, policy-based load balancing

Dynamic failover

Directs requests to alternate location upon failure at primary site, even across providers.

Policy based

Intelligently routes traffic according to geography, server status, and IP header information.

Load-based feedback

Enables best outcomes by routing based on real-time communication with data centers.

Optimal configurations

Manages load balancing configurations, with feedback and reports from real-time load data.

User-aware allocation

Leverages the EDNS standard to precisely, dynamically map end users to nearest data centers.

Fine-grained controls

Combines failover, policy-based intelligence, and weighted load balancing to allocate traffic.


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