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Cloud Wrapper

Save on costs and improve origin offload with a private cache footprint.

With the adoption of Cloud Wrapper, our AWS egress costs have been reduced by around 90%, which is a significant achievement.

Yuki Terasawa, CISO Office Security Group Infrastructure Team

Massive offload. More savings. Happier audiences.

Guard against unexpected origin spikes

Meet high demands for offload with private caching and industry-leading TTL.

Cut high costs of heavy origin traffic

Offload and lower origin traffic to reduce egress fees and origin-related costs.

Deliver consistent service worldwide

Support live, on demand, and downloads with deployment options near your origin.

High cache efficiency for massive libraries

Content replication

Automatic replication in multiple locations maximizes resiliency, availability, and performance.

Dynamic mapping

Finds the ideal cache location for each user to ensure optimal delivery and performance.

Scalable infrastructure

Be prepared for high-demand spikes. Footprint analysis helps determine your storage needs.

Predictable service

Custom caching helps deliver high origin offload during spiky or high traffic volume.

Simplified workflows

Cloud Wrapper combines with Akamai delivery and third-party CDNs to streamline workflow.

Expert support

Akamai delivery experts are available 24/7 and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


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