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Supercharge your EdgeWorkers apps with a serverless key-value store.

Whether you’re hosting your web servers on premises or want to go hybrid, Akamai offers the perfect solutions when you’re growing worldwide and need to ensure the best performance and availability.

Piotr Mynarski, CTO

Close to users. Close to logic. Data at your fingertips.

Bring data close to your business logic

Build more powerful edge apps on EdgeWorkers by putting data at the edge.

Read data at cache-like speeds

Store, modify, and query data as key-value pairs with extremely low latency.

Tap into data without the complexity

Leverage data easily — without needing to be a DBA. No complex query language or schemas.

Extremely fast global key-value store for your compute needs

Flexible storage

Manage your data in string or JSON formats.

Command-line interface

Streamline day-to-day maintenance by controlling EdgeKV database functions from our scriptable CLI.

Replicated storage

Count on high availability. Akamai replicates data across the globe, enabling resiliency.

JavaScript helper library

Abstract CRUD operations to make it easy to read/write/update data from within EdgeWorkers code.

Tokenized access

Enforce role-based access controls to EdgeKV databases.

Administrative APIs

Build EdgeKV into your automation pipeline to streamline deployments.


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