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Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network.

Whether you’re hosting your web servers on premises or want to go hybrid, Akamai offers the perfect solutions when you’re growing worldwide and need to ensure the best performance and availability.

Piotr Mynarski, CTO

Accelerate your apps. Scale on demand. Just bring code.

Provide faster services and applications

Write and deploy custom code at the edge: no infrastructure headaches or new languages.

Create more personalized digital experiences

Dynamically route traffic, personalize responses & more, all at the edge with your code.

Scale with greater reliability and security

Easily scale code with the high capacity, reliability, and security of Akamai’s platform. 

Focus on code, not infrastructure

Closest proximity

World’s largest edge platform for serverless compute offers close proximity to end users.

Accessible data

Access data locally with Akamai EdgeKV — data at the edge, read at cache speed.

Faster cold starts

Execute code on any edge server on demand, with an extremely fast cold start time with V8 isolates.

Automatic scaling

Scale infrastructure, even through continued growth or massive traffic spikes.

Greater flexibility

Leverage one serverless compute platform across your entire hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

More savings

Pay for only what you use without having to provision resources for peak and scale.

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Edge Compute

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