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Real-time IoT data collection and application messaging, with security at scale.

There is a problem in the IT industry today ...

As billions of IoT devices and applications are connecting to the Internet, managing the scalability and related data is a growing and complex task.

IoT Edge Connect Introduction

Introducing IoT Edge Connect

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CDN Scale

Access to a network that has the scale and capacity to serve the traffic needs of disparate geographic regions and offset cellular congestion.

Faster Development

Enable new connected device and app development to be faster and agile.

Always-On Security

Mitigate security risks with mutual authentication, access control, and DDoS resiliency. Keep your devices and data safe.

Real-Time Information

Ingest information to make quick decisions to better manage your business, solutions, and your customers’ experience.

Easy Management

Minimize the effort and maximize your focus. Our managed solution allows you to focus on your core while leveraging a purpose-built solution that has the MQTT capabilities you require.

Reduced CapEx and Costs

Invest in your devices and applications rather than in infrastructure to carry the payload. Position yourself for a positive ROI by off-loading the high capital and operational costs of building a solution.

What is IoT Edge Connect?

Hosted and fully integrated on the global Akamai IoT Edge Cloud, IoT Edge Connect seamlessly, simply, and securely connects IoT devices and applications for real-time data collection and messaging. Offering mutual authentication and access control for increased security, IoT Edge Connect provides an ISO-compliant MQTT broker for application developers or IoT-enabled product owners. Key Value Store and an integrated Edge Data Stream gives managers the ability to handle the data in a flexible and optimized manner across the Internet edge network.


MQTT Broker

Enables customers to use any standard client seamlessly, with the full wealth of features available from a typical origin MQTT broker at Internet scale.

Mutual Authentication

Support for customer-specific (third-party) certificates in a flexible SSL/TLS program.

Global Edge Network

Access a network that has the scale and capacity to meet the demands of disparate geographic regions and offset cellular congestion for the increasing numbers of connected devices or applications.

Access Control

Via an API, allows customers to move authentication functionality to the Akamai Edge Cloud rather than requiring these decisions to be made through interaction with origin infrastructure.

Edge Messaging

Reduces radio usage by terminating connections quickly at the Edge. Messages are routed reliably and efficiently without incurring unnecessary retries and drops by the device.

Fully Managed & Integrated

A managed cloud service that is fully integrated so you can plug and play. No need to integrate additional services to get a robust solution.

Geographical Data Isolation

Inherently manages the data segregation and privacy to comply with local laws.

Key Value Store

A flexible database for in-line storage of a variety of data sets.

Edge Data Stream

Enables easy movement and temporary storage of data from one point to another. Provides recovery and consistency across multiple back-end data centers.

Easy Management

Fully managed cloud services allow you to focus on your core business and outsource the network and support services.

Industry Use Cases

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