OTA Updates

Simplified and secure software updates, to millions of connected vehicles, with a global platform and over-the-air (OTA) technology.

The automotive industry has witnessed a true technological leap with the emergence of the connected vehicle. As the number of connected systems within a car increases, the operations and infrastructure needed to provide ongoing updates is growing exponentially. Recalls or flaws in the software design can have a significant financial impact for the manufacturer.

Architectural Diagram

Architectural Diagram

What is OTA Updates?

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As software is reshaping how manufacturers design and build their products, the requirement to keep that software up to date through downloads, is proving to be a formidable challenge. Software updates add new features, address bugs, and solve technical issues, but more importantly, they maintain the security 
of the device (or in this case, the vehicle). The challenge becomes how do you send multiple updates over the air to millions of vehicles across the globe, in an efficient, effective, and secure manner?

OTA Updates makes it simple and secure for Auto OEMs. The Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM provides a secure and scalable global cloud network to push updates over the air for firmware or navigation systems for modern vehicles. Fast downloads that traverse the Akamai and cellular networks allow patches to be applied to avoid costly recalls, warranty claims, or security breaches. Automakers can distribute software updates globally to their fleet of vehicles in a matter of hours and track the version level for each device.


Akamai’s OTA Updates is built on the globally scalable Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM. It offers on-demand capacity, geographical replication, and proven server mapping and routing technology. Globally distributed cloud-based storage maximizes delivery performance by mirroring content in multiple locations across the Internet, safeguarding against large regional outages.

Reduced Recall /Warranty Costs

OTA Updates helps to reduce warranty/recall costs by ensuring fast download and patching with low-latency download intelligence for specific vehicles.

Secured Downloads

OTA Updates comes with Akamai’s proven secure capabilities, which are now extended to the automotive market. These secure capabilities provide a comprehensive and flexible SSL/TLS program that allows you a choice in certificate management.

Simplified Workflow

OTA Updates simplifies the workflow of software update campaigns managed by automakers. The Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM is utilized to provide a secure and scalable global cloud network to ensure distribution of software updates globally to the fleet of vehicles and to track the version level for each device, making the campaign process hassle free.

Proven Integration

OTA Updates is a key to improve customer satisfaction levels of cars by providing software updates without customer participation. Protect revenue, customer loyalty, and brand equity with proven, reliable, trusted means of global content delivery.

Global Network

Akamai’s OTA Updates is built on the globally scalable Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM. It offers on-demand capacity, geographical replication, and proven server mapping and routing technology.

Per-Vehicle Pricing

Akamai’s OTA Updates helps to distinguish between automaker-paid traffic and owner-paid traffic over the cellular network, and can direct cellular charges to automakers. This feature makes it easy for OEMs to adapt billing structures for their local market considerations.

Flexible SSL/TLS Program

Secured downloads from a flexible SSL/TLS program and mutual authentication.

Self-Service Portal

OTA Updates provides a self-service portal to review the progress of vehicle update campaigns. By having insight into the completion rate, automakers can deliver post-sale vehicle performance and feature enhancements to better address consumer demands for the latest cloud-based services, including maps, navigation, and voice recognition.


Intuitive reports show aggregate campaign data with per-vehicle, per-model, or per-geography details.


OTA Updates uses a capacity/rate-based billing model. This feature allows customers to purchase a committed data rate for the billing period and record excess data consumption to apply additional overage charges.

Deliver large files over the air, with throughput to complement cellular network traffic levels

As vehicles might not always be in range of good coverage, inherent mobility ensures the content is delivered more quickly and reliably to end users.

Power Management (updates can only occur when car is on RUN or ON) enables optimal connection in order to receive the software updates during a short download window.

Robust, responsive patching system for updates to address vulnerabilities

Authorization/mutual authentication enables end-to-end workflow of software updates to protect each vehicle from external IT threats.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Reliability and scalability challenges are offloaded

Enable OTA software updates to millions of vehicles across the product line and geographical locations, with greatly improved completion rates.

New features are able to be introduced to the vehicles instantly.

Replace an in-house service/software recall process

OTA vehicle upgrades will not only save consumers the frustration of a download or dealer visit — they will dramatically cut costs across the industry.

Reliability and scalability challenges are offloaded.