Application Delivery Network

While an application delivery network is essential technology for any organization migrating applications to the cloud, finding the right solution can be a challenge. The traditional application delivery network combines an application delivery controller and optimization technologies, working within the data center to improve application performance, availability, security and visibility. But the legacy application delivery network can't adequately address these issues for cloud-based web applications – the key challenges lie not within the data center, but outside of its walls.

For organizations seeking a next generation application delivery network solution that can help deliver instant, secure, reliable access to cloud-based web applications on any device, Akamai has the answer.

Akamai Ion: a leading application delivery network solution

Akamai Ion enables enterprises to deliver web-based applications quickly, reliably, securely and cost effectively. With this cloud-based application delivery network, applications are available to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Ion's application delivery network resides within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the leading cloud platform for delivering high-performing, secure experiences to users and devices around the globe. Web application delivery optimizations can be distributed globally and located in close proximity to users and data centers anywhere in the world. The unique cloud-based architecture of this application delivery network simplifies application management, and enables web applications to be migrated seamlessly across clouds and data centers, with delivery optimizations automatically following the application.

Akamai Ion includes a number of innovative performance, availability, and scalability features that make it one of the leading application delivery network solutions on the market. Akamai Sure Route technology, for example, analyzes all perspective routes between end-users and the cloud data center, and intelligently selects the best route using a dynamic Internet mapping protocol. Akamai Instant accelerates page load times by using origin analytics to determine and retrieve the pages that are most likely to be requested next, before the user has even requested them. And Dynamic Page Caching provides granular, intelligent web page caching of personalized and dynamic content that is historically hard to cache.

Benefits of Akamai's application delivery network

With an application delivery network from Akamai, enterprises can:

  • Deliver a 100% global availability SLA and a 100% global performance improvement SLA over origin.
  • Reduce complexity of infrastructure management with a single application delivery network solution for all applications.
  • Reduce capital and IT costs with an application deployment and delivery solution that requires no hardware or virtual appliances to be installed within the IT environment.
  • Become instantly "cloud-ready" by overcoming centralized DNS acceleration challenges and leveraging load balancing across data centers.
  • Enhance user productivity on any device through real-time application optimization.

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