CDN Media Analytics

Media analytics for streaming media seeks to measure the quality of media delivery as well as the behavior of media consumers. Insights derived from media analytics help online businesses to improve service performance, optimize content libraries, and calibrate marketing campaigns.

Conventionally, for a content provider or enterprise to develop media analytics requires substantial technical investment and know-how. That's changing with the emergence of cloud-based media analytics services. The most advanced and complete of these analytics services is provided by Akamai as part of its turnkey cloud solution for streaming video preparation and distribution.

Media Analytics as Part of a Complete Digital Media Delivery Solution

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is the world's largest and most advanced content distribution network (CDN), utilizing web caching at the Internet's edges as well as routing and transport optimizations to speed the delivery of web pages and multimedia content to any connected device, anywhere in the world. Embedded in this globe-spanning CDN is media transcoding software and media streaming software that enables Akamai to adapt our clients' video content for delivery in any major format, to any device type.

A featured part of the Akamai solution suite for media preparation and delivery is our comprehensive media analytics service. By default the Akamai media analytics solution tracks more than 50 metrics, in categories including:

  • Audience Analytics (viewers, visits, plays, play duration, completion rate, plays abandoned, and more)
  • Quality of Service (play attempts, video availability, average bitrate, dropped frames, errors, connection speed, and more)
  • Viewer Diagnostics (individual viewer profile, visit history, play history, quality summary, and more)

You can slice and dice metrics by standard dimensions such as geography, device type, ISP, content category, video title, referral URL, and more; as well as by custom dimensions tailored to your particular business.

Put the Akamai Media Delivery and Media Analytics Cloud to Work for Your Business

Armed with insights from Akamai's cloud-based media analytics solution, your business can:

  • Fine-tune your content portfolio and your marketing campaigns to maximize user engagement and return on investment.
  • Ensure that you're meeting service quality goals and SLAs.
  • Provide personalized customer support and troubleshooting based on feedback from real user monitoring.
  • Evaluate the relative effectiveness and value of alternative media channels

With Akamai's media solutions you can offload all the demands and technical complexities of online media delivery, whether it's transcoding and packaging video for multi-screen delivery, implementing mobile device detection, or operating an IPTV server or other type of media streaming server. Akamai enables you to focus on creating great content, while we manage all the distribution challenges.

Learn more about Akamai's comprehensive solution for media preparation, media delivery, and media analytics.