Video Analytics

As online streaming services increasingly provide users with a convenient way to consume video on demand and enjoy broadcast programming through initiatives like TV Everywhere, video analytics is becoming more important than ever to service providers that want to stay competitive and better understand and serve their audiences.

By identifying what keeps viewers engaged, a video analytics package can help you to not only build and maintain an audience but also develop new sources of revenue. The data collected through analytics provides you with insights into how users consume media and what they expect now—or may want in the future—from an online video platform.

Using Video Analytics to Improve Performance

Video analytics may be employed as part of a quality assurance strategy, allowing you to monitor end user performance levels in real time. Through the assessment of key performance metrics including startup time, bitrate, rebuffering, and dropped frames, media analytics show you whether you're providing customers with an enjoyable, glitch-free viewing experience or not. In this way, you are able to ensure that users receive consistently high video quality and better monetize your content. You also gain the capability to troubleshoot existing problem areas and address potential service quality issues.

Using Video Analytics to Enhance Your Product

Video analytics can also supply you with specific information about your audience and your viewers. Content usage statistics, which can be viewed according to location, device and connection speed, show you what your audience is watching and for how long as well as what content they're choosing to abandon and when. An advanced video analytics solution lets you track individual viewer behavior across devices and platforms, so that you can carry out diagnostics at the user level while learning more about each of your viewers—for example, where they are, what brought them to you, or what type of content they prefer—critical intelligence that can be used to inform strategic decision-making.

Video analytics gives you the data you need to enhance and customize the user experience with targeted programming or improved features, increasing audience satisfaction and attracting new customers. And by showing you how content is discovered and accessed, this information can help you decide which devices and platforms to support and carry out video optimization for, what distribution strategies to employ and how to optimize ad placement, pricing structures and product portfolios.

Media Analytics: A Sophisticated Video Analytics Suite from an Industry Leader

Akamai's Media Analytics is a comprehensive yet flexible SaaS solution that offers you multidimensional, in-depth insight into your audience and the quality of service that you're providing them. Our customizable analytics modules support a wide variety of playback environments, media formats and content types and give you instant visibility into the "true viewer experience" while pinpointing key trends in audience behavior and presenting you with crucial details about each user's visit.

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