Master Mobile Delivery – and reap the rewards.

Your customers are highly demanding of their mobile app and website experiences – and you can’t afford to fail to deliver. Your business relies on mobile to drive audience engagement, maximize revenue, and improve customer loyalty.

Every second counts for customer satisfaction

52% of mobile users expect web pages to load in 2 seconds or less.1

53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load.2

26% of dissatisfied mobile users won't return to your website.3

Failing to meet expectations will cost you.
Dissastified users will:

  • Be reluctant
    to engage
  • Lose trust in
    your brand
  • Share their
    with others

When you master mobile, customers are more likely to:

Browse more pages
Spend more time on apps
Engage more often
Spend more money on products
Share positive experiences with family, friends, and on social media

It’s increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations and deliver satisfying mobile web experiences.

Device, browser, and operating system diversity that results in user fragmentation.

Connectivity that causes users to suffer when accessing your content from across the globe.

The variety of deployment options can increase cost to market, and complicate your ability to optimize.

Three ways to optimize performance for any device, anywhere

Make your APIs as fast as possible

Use a CDN to improve performance, reliability, and user experience by caching responses and reducing latency, payload size, and round-trip time.

Optimize your mobile apps

Optimize images to avoid cellular congestion and reduce user fatigue from overdownloading, and pre-position content at the device whenever possible.

Speed up your mobile sites

Accelerate content, optimize images, simplify development, and reduce cellular airtime with machine learning and advanced protocols like HTTP/2.

To drive engagement (and revenue), deliver the best mobile experience, every time.

Cure mobile performance with the top technologies. Read the Forrester report.

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